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February 15, 2015

Steve Kerr


WEST ¬Ė 163
EAST - 158

Q. ¬†Coach, there were a lot of three‑pointers.¬† Was that a part of your plan?
STEVE KERR:¬† I had no plan.¬† It's an All‑Star Game.¬† It was just roll the ball out and let them play.¬† Everybody likes to shoot three‑pointers.

Q.  There was a point in the game where your play call was, "Throw the ball to that guy, throw the ball to the other guy and then one of you score."  Was that your play call through the entire game?

Q.  Were there any more details?  Any specific names ever?
STEVE KERR:  No.  I purposely didn't want to give away all of our calls that we make in Oakland.  So I was really withholding all of our secrets that we run.  So we're going to really confuse everybody down the stretch.

Q.¬† Westbrook was just a point away from breaking the all‑time NBA All‑Star Game record.¬† Were you guys cognizant of that?¬† And any intention to break the record?
STEVE KERR:  No, we didn't know.  The plan was just to go into the fourth quarter having played everybody.  We knew that Tim and Dirk were just going to play a handful of minutes.  Same with Kevin, based on a nagging injury.  And we just figured whoever was hot in the fourth quarter we would go to.  And obviously Russell had it going.  So we went back to him after a brief rest.
We just knew he was hot.  We didn't know of any records.

Q.  Steve, the decision to start LaMarcus, did Tim Duncan have any influence on that decision?
STEVE KERR:¬† No, Tim had no impact on it.¬†¬† It wasbasically because Kevin‑‑ I didn't realize Kevin was injured and had some concerns about his minutes.¬† So we wanted to keep Kevin's minutes down.¬† I just felt like LaMarcus has had such a great year, phenomenal season, and he deserved a start.¬† He earned it.¬† So I just felt like he was the right choice.

Q.  I would like to know about how you see the performance of both Gasols?  How did you consider the moment for them?
STEVE KERR:¬† The opening tip was fun.¬† Just to see them jumping against each other and to think about them growing up in Spain, and whoever would have guessed that one day they would have jump center at the All‑Star Game in Madison Square Garden.¬† So that was a special moment.
They are both spectacular players.  Two of my favorite players in the league.  It's fun to see them play against each other.
Thank you.

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