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February 15, 2015

Clint Bowyer


Q.  What do you see and what were you thinking when you were behind the 44?
CLINT BOWYER:  I wasn't behind the 44.  He came flying around, come up on the apron, jumps in front of me, then runs over the 51, stacks us all up and then I run into him.  It's idiotic to be out here doing this anyway.  There's no sense in being able to try to put on some cute show for whatever the hell this is.  Then you have a guy out there doing this in desperation.
There's no reason to be out here.  These guys have spent six months working on these cars, busting their butts on these cars.
But it ain't his fault.  It's NASCAR's fault for putting us out in the middle of this crap for nothing.
We used to come down here and worry about who would set on the front pole in the biggest race of the year.  Now all we do is come down here and worry about how a start‑and‑park like this out of desperation is going to knock us out of the Daytona 500.
We've been in meetings for 45 minutes just trying to figure out what in the hell everybody is going to do just so we can make the race.  It's stupid.  There's no sense in doing this.

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