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February 13, 2015

Chris Berman


CHRIS BERMAN:テつ Buried six people here in the last six weeks, starting with my mother.テつ But Rhonda was a good person, I didn't even know she was sick.テつ We don't know anything, right?テつ I would like to know.

Q.テつ All we have right now is that she passed and we talked to a few other people and we got confirmation.
CHRIS BERMAN:テつ Well, I mean, you just want me to talk about her?

Q.テつ Just any thoughts.テつ She was with Sportscenter and ESPN and everything.
CHRIS BERMAN:テつ No, no, let me just kind of stammer through it here, all right?テつ Rhonda was one of the kindest people I've ever met in or out of my business as I went through it.テつ She had a smile and a gentle way about her that made everybody feel at home whether they were working with her, as I did, in the early days of Sportscenter or just sitting with and maybe having a bite to eat or in the company of people.
She loved golf.テつ I think she loved people more than golf and we know how much she loved golf.テつ I know her work with the PGA TOUR on the LPGA TOUR, of course, and ladies golf, at just promoting the game of golf, primarily women's, but golf itself.テつ It was from the heart.テつ Everything she did was from the heart.
This is a bad loss.テつ We're going to miss her greatly.テつ She's just a warm person.テつ She did everything from the heart.テつ I'm sorry to hear that her heart was not with us anymore.テつ That's a big loss.

Q.テつ Is there anyone specific memory you have of her that you would like to share?
CHRIS BERMAN:テつ It's more the feeling.テつ There's no one‑‑ hey, we did a show on X, Y, Z.テつ That was way early in my career.テつ I was really young.テつ I was in my 20s, to show you how long ago that was.テつ I mean I'll be 60 this spring.
I just remember sitting in the news room, which is what our news room was at the time, or doing a Sportscenter with her, which I didn't do that many, but we worked together.テつ Sometimes we weren't on the air, but you're in the news room together and it was a genteel and it was a gentleness, that's not a word, she was a gentle person.
Kind of made you ‑‑ just like a flower, you know what I mean?テつ It's more a gentle vibe that we all got knowing her.テつ I'll miss her.テつ I hear from her once in a blue moon, lately.テつ I know they just honored her a couple years ago, right, and I was happy to contribute to it.テつ Wow.テつ I didn't know she was ‑‑ we'll miss her.テつ She's a good person.テつ She's a great ambassador for golf.テつ She's a great ambassador for life.

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