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February 13, 2015

Matt Jones


THE MODERATOR:  Matt Jones, thanks for joining us after a 6‑under 66 in round two at Spyglass today.  Great playing.  Obviously in great position heading into the weekend.  So with that, just a few comments on the round.
MATT JONES:  Yeah, got off to a good start with a birdie on the first hole, which is always nice to get your game started.  Then made a couple of good ‑‑ got lucky on my fourth hole and made a good birdie.
Fifth hole was probably what kept my round going where I hit a terrible tee shot and was able to get up‑and‑down for par.  From there just kept going.
THE MODERATOR:  We'll open it up and take a few questions.

Q.  Do you think they're all equal, the courses when it's like this?  Pebble's always been looked upon as the one where you got to make your hay, but?
MATT JONES:  I mean in these conditions, you're going to make hay on each golf course.  You're short irons into a lot of holes.  If you're putting well and hitting your wedges close you're going to have a lot of good chances.
Pebble's‑‑ if the greens firm up, Pebble's going to play the hardest because they're such small greens.  If you're not hitting your irons well enough you're going to struggle out there.

Q.  How was Spyglass playing today?
MATT JONES:  It was good.  Couple ‑‑ I had a few mud balls out there which you're going to get after that much rain on the weekend.  But overall it was perfect.  The courses this year are in the best condition I've seen them in the seven years I've played here.
Monterey greens yesterday were really good for the conditions we have had in the past.

Q.  How is your history been here on the Pebble courses?
MATT JONES:  I think‑‑ I don't think I ever had a top‑10 here.  I've been in one of the last few groups before, once or twice, I think.
I have played well here in the past.  I enjoy it here.  I like playing here.  The pace of play is not that much of an issue, we're used to it playing in Palm Springs and golf on the PGA TOUR is pretty slow as it is.  So it's just a couple extra minutes a hole, which isn't too bad.

Q.  Oddball question but want to test a theory of someone who once said that losing hurts worse than winning feels good.  I'm curious if you could compare your lipout in Chicago with winning in Houston.  How long did that eat at you in Chicago and how long before you got back to work after Houston ‑‑ I guess you went to Augusta, didn't you?
MATT JONES:  Yeah, that putt in Chicago, I had forgotten about it after I signed my scorecard.  Didn't matter.  It was one putt of a hundred that I missed all year.

Q.  Would have put you in the TOUR Championship?
MATT JONES:  That's just another golf tournament.  There's plenty of them.  I'll be there, there's plenty of more chances to get there.
I knew I had to make that putt to get to the TOUR Championship, but that didn't eat at me at all.
I could have made another putt in that same round in that same tournament, which would have ‑‑ but then on top of that you had another five or six players make putts on that same hole that affected my putt too.
But winning was much better than the putt.

Q.  How long did that carry over for you, confidence‑wise, do you think Houston?
MATT JONES:  The win?  Yeah, I mean, it's great to win.  But the next week you get beat down.  You miss the cut.  That's how golf is.
On top of the world one week and the next week you're just another golfer in another golf tournament trying to play and trying to compete.
And of course at Augusta I missed the cut, which wasn't ideal or wasn't what I wanted.  But the confidence, it was there, it was something I had been expecting to happen for awhile to get that win.
I've been out here for seven or eight years now and I had a few chances, not as many as I would have liked, but to get it done when I did was great and hopefully there's more to come.
THE MODERATOR:  Matt, we appreciate your time as always, best of luck on the weekend.
MATT JONES:  Thank you.

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