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February 13, 2015

Dell Curry


Q. Maybe it's a question you've been asked plenty of times, but it's obvious: What's it like for you to see your son having the success that he's having, possible MVP candidate, obvious All-Star? What comes to mind?
DELL CURRY: It's a good question. I like answering that one. A lot of smiles. After playing 16 years in the NBA and then having your son follow your footsteps and reach this level, it's really a dream come true as a parent, as a dad, as a fan of the NBA. He really understands, I think, what the NBA is all about. He relishes the moment. And he's having a great time. It's a great run. And as a parent I'm having a blast to be able to watch him excel at the sport and have fun while he's doing it.

Q. When did you get your first inkling that he could be an NBA player? It wasn't obvious --
DELL CURRY: Probably sophomore year in college at Davidson. They played a really tough non-conference schedule against high Division-I teams. He was obviously playing very well, scoring the basketball and competing. And that's when I saw the talent really go to the next level, the competitive spirit, and his will to win.

Q. Say before that, as a high school player, did you not think that? And why did it take that long for to you see that?
DELL CURRY: As a high school player I thought he would be a good college player. I thought he could play D-I. 6'0", 145 as a senior, it didn't make the eye test for the high level of the D-I schools. Everything happens for a reason. We said that a lot. I really think Davidson was the right fit for him from the standpoint of their schedule. The coach, Bobby McKillop did a wonderful job developing his talent, challenging him on a daily basis. He played against some really good teams and had some really good teammates. And his teammates really let him have the spotlight. I think they enjoyed the attention that they got playing with Steph. They probably didn't think he was going to be -- that the immediate hit was going to be as big a hit as he was going to Davidson. They enjoyed it and I think they helped him along the way.
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