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February 13, 2015

Kyle Lowry


Q. Can you talk about this experience thus far?
KYLE LOWRY: It's been exciting. It's been crazy. I know long days, but it's worth it, especially being my first time. I'm just super excited to be here right now.

Q. Is it better than what you expected?
KYLE LOWRY: It's been -- from what I've been told, it's as expected so far. It's still exciting. Every single thing I've been doing. The media and the TV and all this stuff, it's been every day. And it's something new. It's been fun for me.

Q. Growing up down the road, so to speak, how many people do you have --
KYLE LOWRY: I didn't bring that many. I kept it small. I kept it to a small, tight group. If it was in Philly, it would be worse. I kept it to a small group.

Q. Talk about your brother Lonnie. I know this is something he always wanted for you. Did you ever have that moment where you made it, I'm an All-Star, bro?
KYLE LOWRY: Yeah, he's happier now. Enjoying the moments with me. I think we'll go through it afterwards. We'll enjoy it as the moment is here and after we'll sit down and we'll have that -- I'm sure we'll have that moment.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about how you've grown over the years and how you actually ended up here.
KYLE LOWRY: Just growing up. Just becoming more mature and more understanding of myself and just working. Not being settled. Not settling for anything. Never being satisfied. And just going out there and doing my job.
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