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February 13, 2015

Stephen Curry


Q. Do you think this is the best three-point field of all time?
STEPHEN CURRY: I haven't done my thorough research, but just off the top of my head, having watched growing up and all that, definitely think it is. A lot of obviously great shooters having great shooting years. It's going to be fun. Whoever wins is definitely going to earn it, because there's going to be probably some great numbers.

Q. Any extra pressure?
STEPHEN CURRY: Not really. This will be my fourth time doing it. I'm 0-3. So that's the only pressure I feel. I just want to get a win and -- what better year to do it than this year with the field that I'm going against.

Q. Commissioner said everything is on the table to improve the game. What would you change?
STEPHEN CURRY: I mean, the schedule change this year with this All-Star Weekend was definitely a bonus. That was helpful. Going forward, obviously any way we can get more rest built into the schedule would probably do the game a lot of good with injuries and keeping guys on the court. I don't know how you go about doing that, when the season starts and ends. I think you should still keep it 82, but try to figure out how you can space it out a little more so that you can try to keep the wear and tear of guys down and keep them on the floor.

Q. Would you be all right if they brought back hand checking?
STEPHEN CURRY: Whatever it is, as long as it's called consistently. That's the only thing. Doesn't matter what rule it is, as long as you can count on it being called consistently. That's obviously the hard part of what the referees have to do every night. But you would adjust to any kind of style of game if you know what to expect.

Q. Steph, what's it's like for you obviously an MVP candidate this year. Looking through your journey, as the expectations weren't necessarily there as a youngster, but kept on getting better and better. Can you take us through that? What's it like to be where you're at now at this stage?
STEPHEN CURRY: It's fun right now. We have a great team that has aspirations this year. I think it's something that we're poised to go after. We've been through three pretty good years where we became a playoff team and shaking off the cobwebs of the past. So for that journey to kind of come to now where we're the best team in the West right now through half the season, it's pretty special. You want to just embrace the higher expectations that we put on ourselves and that are surrounding our team. We talk about what we're trying to do this year. We want to back it up.

Q. Were you personally told when you were younger that you were too small? Were you thought to be one-dimensional? Now you're showing all the success that you have.
STEPHEN CURRY: For sure. That was the story ever since high school. I didn't get many -- I only got three really Division I offers. All small schools. I obviously chose Davidson. Going into the draft, I was a lottery pick, but I still had a lot of people think I was just a shooter and didn't -- couldn't play the point guard position. I worked really hard to establish myself in the league. Been fortunate enough to battle through some injuries and have an opportunity to do some great things. And that's kind of the journey.
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