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February 13, 2015

Al Horford


Q. You were always one of the leaders of the team. To go back to this role after the injury, was it a change for you? Was it tough to get back into the rhythm of the team?
AL HORFORD: To get into a team -- it wasn't tough. We have a great group of guys. Guys welcomed me. It was good. I think the challenge for me was to get in and re-acclimate back on the court. They already had kind of a way they were playing and a chemistry built up. So it was important for me to get acclimated to playing with them and build that chemistry. That's why at the beginning of the season I felt like it took me some time -- took us some time to take off. But once we started to figure it out, we're doing better now. There's still room for improvement. But we're getting better.

Q. Does this run remind you of when you played at Florida?
AL HORFORD: It has some similarities. But this is a different team. To do what we're doing in the NBA I feel like it's pretty impressive. The pace we're playing.

Q. Listening to you speak Spanish, it's amazing watching you go back and forth.
AL HORFORD: Yeah, I mean, I'm comfortable. My first language is Spanish. I played here for a long time. I'm very comfortable.

Q. Going back and forth, do you find it easy to go back and forth? You have such a rapport with the Spanish media.
AL HORFORD: A lot of of them -- I actually grew up with a lot of them. With him. He's a friend of my mom. I have a lot of people that watch me since I was eight, nine years old chasing my dad around.

Q. Now you're an All-Star --
AL HORFORD: It's hard to believe for them.

Q. (Inaudible) .
AL HORFORD: Yeah. It is a challenge. It's always a challenge. I feel like people make sacrifices. It is a team sport. But usually the people that sacrifice the most are the most successful.

Q. (Inaudible) .
AL HORFORD: It's very ironic. We didn't know what to expect. Kyle is like anti all this. Not anti. He's not used to being in this spotlight. I'm very happy for him to be here. To be able to be here.

Q. How does it happen?
AL HORFORD: I think it's just -- we just all bought into what Coach wanted to do. We have a lot of veteran guys on this team. We're a veteran team. We have a lot of veteran players. Know how to play your guys. When you combine that, that's (Inaudible) .
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