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February 8, 2015

Alex Prugh


Q. Right in the thick of things down the stretch. 1-under round today. How did you feel out there?
ALEX PRUGH: I felt good. I obviously would have loved that putt to have gone in on the last. It was dead center in the jar. But I hit a lot of good shots coming down the stretch, which was great, made a lot of good up-and-downs on a couple holes in a row, so I didn't make a ton of mistakes. Still played under par golf on the course, so it's nothing to complain about. I would just love one or two less.

Q. Down the stretch I think you parred out, what, five in a row there. Was it just -- how hard was it to drop a birdie out there for you?
ALEX PRUGH: A little bit. It's a touch stretch of holes. You hit 12 -- I made a great par on 12. Unfortunately, I bogeyed 10, but 11, 12, those are tough pars. I parred those scrambling. And then made a great birdie on 13. Then obviously, 14, 15, 16, those are three holes in a row that are very difficult and I missed two of the fairways, so I scrambled pretty well just to make pars on them. And unfortunately, I thought I made my putt on 16, actually. It looked pretty sweet for a long time, until it lipped out. But then on 17 I couldn't ask for more, 125 center of the fairway with a wedge and just didn't make birdie. 18, you know, I hit my third shot and saw it spinning back, crowd starts roaring and I was praying for it to disappear as it passed the hole. Unfortunately, it didn't. Then just couldn't get that last putt to go. All in all it's still a good week, I just would love to have had one less to maybe have a chance.

Q. Given your WEB.COM TOUR status, how do you think your finish here today kind of will help you out over there?
ALEX PRUGH: It's going to help out a lot. With our shuffle, we're having another shuffle in a couple weeks and stuff like that for this category and, fortunately, it will help me probably be able to predict a couple more tournaments to get in. So scheduling will be easier.
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