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February 7, 2015

Chad Campbell


Q. Back-to-back birdies are okay, but you dunked one. A hole-in-one today. How many is that for you on TOUR?
CHAD CAMPBELL: On TOUR, I'm not sure. Probably four, maybe five on TOUR.

Q. You hit so many right at it. How many have you got? Do you have a total now?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I got 12. 12. So, that's always nice to add to that total.

Q. We got that out of the way. Someone is going to get their mortgage payments paid for for an entire year by Quicken Loans, so that's great.
CHAD CAMPBELL: That's awesome. So glad to be able to help somebody out.

Q. How about the birdie, birdie finish to get you to 8. You're a factor here on Sunday on this tough tough golf course.
CHAD CAMPBELL: It is tough. You got to get the ball in the fairway, the rough is just nasty. I had a little tough stretch where I was missing fairways and you just kind of chase pars then. So it was nice to finish up with two birdies going into tomorrow.

Q. I never seen the rough so consistent and so thick. You don't ever expect a lie in the rough right now, do you?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Not really. You can see the down grain patches, you have to miss it wide to get those. The stuff right off the fairway is really nasty.

Q. The highlight of the day the hole-in-one on the third. Can you describe that?
CHAD CAMPBELL: It was actually a perfect number, perfect wedge. They had the tee up for us. A tough front left pin. It was going right at it and got a good little kick left right in the hole. So always nice to see those.

Q. Not your first competitive hole-in-one on the PGA TOUR, but once that ball dropped, did that change your frame of mind as you continued through the round at all?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Any time you can make a birdie or especially eagles out here on this course, it definitely helps. I think it frees you up just a little built. Because you really got to get the ball in the fairway out here, the rough is the worst I've ever seen here, probably, just right off the fairway. So if you start missing fairways, it's tough. It's nice to get the momentum going.

Q. Kind of up-and-down the rest of the round. The up part 17 and 18, those birdies. What did that do for your mind going into tomorrow?
CHAD CAMPBELL: It was great to finish up with a couple birdies. There on 17 that was a good birdie. It's a tough pin. And on 18 as well. So I feel good going into tomorrow and hopefully I can continue the good play.
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