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February 7, 2015

Brittany Lincicome


BRITTANY LINCICOME:  I decided to finish my last hole when the other two girls stopped, and I hit it to like five feet and just missed it, so that would have been a nice way to end.  But it's good.  I'm starting on 14 downwind, hopefully right to left, is a good hole for my ball shape, and excited about it.

Q.  And tomorrow, at one point there were six players tied for the lead.  As a fan it's like, wow, how fun.  As a player, what's that like to be a part of?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  I try not to look at the leaderboard just because it makes me nervous.  With the wind I can imagine that there's a lot of people doing a lot of different things out there.  Just trying to stay in my own little bubble, and obviously it's really tough out there.  There's nothing easy about it, and the holes that are super hard we kind of just get it in the fairway, try to make par, and the ones that we can birdie, obviously we're trying to be aggressive and go for those.  Just trying to take it one shot at a time and not get too mad if we mess up a hole or don't hit a good shot because everyone is hitting bad shots out there.  It's a game of misses.  You just try to laugh it off and go to the next hole.

Q.  With that many players in the mix, does it affect how you approach Sunday?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  No.  We have so many holes to play tomorrow, it's anybody's game at this point, I think.  I'm going to sleep the same tonight.  Not even thinking about it.

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