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February 5, 2015

Brittany Lincicome


Q.  Talk about your day.
BRITTANY LINCICOME:¬† It was different out there.¬† Last week I was hitting everything with my driver like way right, so today when I stepped out there on the first tee shot, my natural shot is to hit it way left, so I guess I'm guarding consciously from hitting it left, so the first tee shot of the day on 10 I blow it like way right, left it short of the bunker, so it's not too much trouble, but it kind of set a precedent for the rest of the day.¬† Every time I was with a left‑to‑right wind I either snap‑hooked it way left or blocked it way right.¬† It's funny, I don't know, maybe it's because the second tournament of the year if the nerves are getting to me or what, but I'm out there swinging so scared on every hole, and it's so annoying.¬† 1 was right to left and I bombed it like 300 yards, but when the wind was right to left, I crushed it and I did really well, but when it was left to right, I found myself in the trees having to chip out and do stuff.¬† They say the wind is going to be really different tomorrow, so it's kind of a bummer.
But I fought really well.¬† I putted really, really well.¬† I think I had like 27 or 28 putts today.¬† I mean, even this hole I left it like way short, but I made a bunch of five‑, eight‑footers to save par, which really helps.

Q.  Very much so.
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  And then I hit a lot of really good putts for birdies, too.

Q.  Any really long birdie putts?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  Nothing crazy, yeah.  15, 20 foot max probably.  Golf is just one of those things, you never know what's going to happen.  You can leave the range not having a clue, it's really strange, and today I kind of had the number 68 in my head, and then the cart ride, somehow we got a cart ride and I was in cart No.68, and then I realized (inaudible) 73, so when he said 68, I was like, oh, yeah, that's me.

Q.¬† That's great, so anything that you worked on in the off‑season that‑‑
BRITTANY LINCICOME:¬† I didn't work on anything (laughing).¬† Paula's wedding was in December and then I got engaged, my fianc√©'s family was there.¬† I really don't feel like I did a lot of practicing, and the next thing I turn around, and it's like time for Ocala, and I'm like, oh, crap. ¬†But it's one of those things‑‑

Q.  So do you think that helped?  I feel like the people that say they don't do anything have been starting off okay?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  Yeah, it's just my game.  I say I don't like to practice.  I don't go to the range.  Like we played sometimes, it's just I feel like I should have played probably more than what I did, but I'd rather go do my work out there than sit on a driving range for an hour.  I wish this driver thing would straighten up because last year I was crushing the driver.  I knew where it was going, I was hitting it so well.  It's not fun.

Q.  Is there a part of the course that the wind changed today?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:¬† No, it was just‑‑ there's like three holes out there that really scare the crap out of me.

Q.  Which ones?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:¬† Gosh, this is going to be‑‑ it's going to take me a minute.¬† It's the par‑5 on this side, and then 17‑‑ what is this, 8?¬† So like 7 and 8.¬† I think it's the par‑5 tee shot, which today it was downwind out of the right, so I just beat it at the bunker, and then I had like 4‑iron into the green on the par‑5, which I've been‑‑ tomorrow the wind will be into us so I'm going to have to lay up with a 3‑wood and have to lay up with like 5‑iron.¬† So it was kind of like a catch.¬† I like the way‑‑ and then the other side, like 16, the one that goes around the water, that hole, too, and I hit it like 100 yards left.¬† I was almost in the other par‑5 fairway and hit a 3‑wood and it hit the palm tree dead on but luckily it didn't throw it off line, so it was just short of the green, I chipped up and made par.

Q.¬† It hit the tree and came back just a little bit‑‑
BRITTANY LINCICOME:¬† No, like on the second shot, I was trying to hit 3‑wood under this tree and over the next palm tree and it didn't get up high enough, and it was going like a bullet, and kind of went through them but it didn't like throw it left or right, like it just kind of came out straight, thank God.¬† I mean, it's a lot of breaks.¬† Golf is obviously a game of misses, and my misses today were in play, and I could hit them again.

Q.  I asked Stacy earlier this week about being a PureSilk ambassador.  Does that give you a little bit of comfort or feel like a little ownership of this event a little bit?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  Yeah, I mean, it's just so fun.  Tom and his family, Melanie, they're just such wonderful people, so any time you see them, you just like automatically smile because they're just so great, like down to earth people, so we're going to dinner tonight, so that'll be fun.  It is cool to see like my name on the bag, obviously, and then being affiliated with a sponsor of the event like CME, my sponsor sponsoring the event.  It's a really cool feeling.

Q.  Fiancé is here.  What's his schedule?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  Nothing right now.  People are lying, is he going to just travel with you out here?  I'm like, no, he needs to go make money and have his own little life.  But it's nice now because he does like long drive competitions and exhibitions and charity functions and nothing really started until like after March.  He's got some time, because my mom was bummed, she was like, I'll come to the Bahamas, and I'm like, no, Dee is coming.

Q.  Is he going to Australia?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:¬† I'm not going there.¬† He's going to go‑‑ his mom, he's surprising his mom for her 50th birthday and he's going to go to South Africa during those weeks, and I can't go.

Q.  His parents are still there?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  Yeah.  Don't put, though, that he's surprising her.  Not that she would ever read it, but my luck she would and then we'd be in big trouble.

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