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February 4, 2015

Stacy Lewis


Q.  What was good last week in terms of what was translating from off‑season work?
STACY LEWIS:  Well, I think one thing I saw some improvement in kind of my wedges and short irons, which that was one thing we were working on.  It was pretty good.  It was a pretty good week.  I didn't quite trust some of the changes and things we had worked on, so that kind of crept in with some misses on the course.  But I feel like I got some confirmation that what we're working on is right.  That's the biggest thing.  Now it's just kind of trusting it and putting into play a little more.

Q.  How often did that come up?  Was it just thoughts standing over the ball, actual swings?
STACY LEWIS:  It was certain lies and certain types of shots.  The fairways last week were pretty wet and kind of muddy, and that kind of plays with your mind how solid you're going to hit it.  So just certain shots here and there.  But I think I had two wedges that hit the flagstick and made a bunch of birdies there, so I still made a bunch of birdies all week, which that's good kind of coming off the off time.

Q.  Going into last week, how important was it for you to start off, to get those changes kind of in play?  Afterwards were you thinking good start to the year, that will set the tone hopefully?
STACY LEWIS:  Yeah, there was some uncertainties a little bit going into last week, ball change, new driver in the bag, swing stuff, so there's a few uncertainties there, but I felt like at the same time I was doing‑‑ they were the right changes to make.  You know, I would have liked to have had a little better week even, but I was happy that the changes were what I expected and that they were good.

Q.  Anything surprise you with the ball?  How long did you work with it where you decided that I'm using this one and then you practiced with it?
STACY LEWIS:  Yeah, it probably wasn't until about two weeks before the season started that I really had settled on a ball.  I mean, I spent five, six weeks testing every ball on the market, so it was good to finally make a decision and have that, but in the same sense I found the difference being in my wedge game and being able to control it a little better in the wind and stuff like that.
What I saw in practice, I saw in the tournament, as well.

Q.  This week obviously being a PureSilk ambassador, a little bit different feel?  Obviously you have a couple events like that where you're super involved, but you share it with some of the other players, too.  Do you feel a sense of ownership at this event, kind of one of those events you're owning a little bit?
STACY LEWIS:  For sure.  Any time I've got a logo on my shirt that's hosting a tournament, that's a few more things you have to do.  But at the same time I'm proud that we were able to bring PureSilk to the LPGA and kind of show them what they're about.  So far this tournament has been kind of a great correlation for them.  They love this week.  They love everything about it.  They love just being around the players, and it's a great place like the Bahamas to do that.  Everybody is so relaxed here.  There's not a ton of stuff going on.  It's just a nice, laid‑back week.

Q.  Talk about that where you guys obviously play in Hawai'i, Bahamas, very resorty places, but the overall atmosphere is more laid‑back.  Does that suit you or do you want to be in an intense golf‑centric vibe?  Is this a challenge where you're like, I'm going to lay on the beach?
STACY LEWIS:  I guess for the first or second week of the year this is perfect.  Last week we had great crowds and everything but it was almost a little bit overwhelming because you weren't quite ready for it, whereas this week is, all right, kind of ease yourself into the year.  We have some people come out and watch but it's not overwhelming or anything like that, so it's just‑‑ it's nice.  It's laid back.  It feels like you're on vacation.  It's a great week.  I think it's a great week for everybody.

Q.  Obviously lastly I have to ask about the new No.1 with Lydia and I know everyone says she's almost humble to a fault.  She doesn't want to make it a big deal.  What do you think just in terms of what exposure that could bring, just a historic moment for women's golf and having such a young face move into that spot?
STACY LEWIS:  Well, I think for golf in general it's a big moment, and for women's golf it's an even bigger moment.  It puts us on the map.  It gives everyone something to talk about.  To do something that she's done this four years prior to Tiger, that's just crazy to even think about.  Just to have that comparison and for people to just say, wow, it's one of those things I think is going to get outside of golf and get some recognition there, and that's what we're looking for.  Whether she's ready for it or not, we'll find out, but I mean, she'll learn on the fly like she's been doing the last few years.  She'll continue to learn and she'll figure it out.  I think her golf is going to be the same, it's just managing all the extra stuff.

Q.  I understand she's very open to asking for advice and on‑course stuff.  I'm sure she probably will ask you.  What would be your one bit of advice because I know you've talked about dealing with the extracurricular stuff.
STACY LEWIS:  We've talked about it a little bit, and I've told her if she needs anything, and it's been like that from the get‑go.  I played with her when she won her first event out here when she was 15.  So we've had a pretty cool relationship over the last few years, and she's watching what I'm doing and I'm watching what she's doing, and I just‑‑ you know, I think the big thing for her is just to‑‑ I told her that her playing good golf helps us more than anything, and just to make sure that that's No.1.  To say not to some things and not feel bad about it.

Q.  And then lastly, just this week, course setup, game plan, obviously the wind could come into play?
STACY LEWIS:  Yeah, the course is a little bit softer than last year, so you're not getting quite as much roll, but it's in great shape again.  I think some rain expected here early in the week.  It's just‑‑ the challenge to this golf course is the wind.  That's the biggest thing.  So just kind of managing the conditions.  I think we're getting some pretty good winds on Friday.  This course is about managing conditions and playing the best when you're out there.  Some side of the wave is going to get a good end of the draw, the other side might not.  You can't worry about that here and just go and play some golf.

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