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January 19, 2015

Lucie Hradecka


L. HRADECKA/A. Ivanovic
1-6, 6-3, 6-2
An interview with:

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Looks like you can't wipe the smile off your face. Happy knocking off the fifth seed?
LUCIE HRADECKA: Yeah, definitely. I'm happy. I still don't believe that I am true. So probably in a couple hours I will know that I am in second round in Australian and I beat Ana. Yeah, whole times, it's two hours after match, and I'm still smiling.

Q. What did you think after losing that first set where you hadn't won any of your service games, serving at 40%, then you came out a completely different player?
LUCIE HRADECKA: In the first set I was so nervy. Of course, I have the feeling on the court that the court is so big. I couldn't hit any balls in the court. When I went outside, I started the serve in second set, I think, Okay, it cannot be the worst. Let's play every point and let's see what will happen.

Q. Pliskova, I know you know her.
LUCIE HRADECKA: She was in the same club like me.

Q. What have you made of her success?
LUCIE HRADECKA: I know probably five, six years already, maybe more. We was practicing together when she played 10,000, 25,000. She is great player. She is with a big serve, very good hands. Now she trusts in herself, so I think she can be very good player and top 10.

Q. When you saw her playing, did you think Pliskova would have success, and now she's kind of apart from Kristyna?
LUCIE HRADECKA: It's hard to say what is the problem. I think Karolina, she trust herself more than Kristyna. We'll see if Kristyna will play more matches. When she won the more matches, I think she can be back. Hope so she will be, because she is nice girl, she is lefty. Little bit advantage. But I think it's still for her very hard, the pressure now, because Karolina, she's like on the top. Kristyna, she lost in the first round. It's definitely tough for her. I hope so she will get back.

Q. Do you think qualifying was good practice?
LUCIE HRADECKA: It definitely helped me to play three matches in the quallies. You know, every matches is different. If you feel the ball and the court a little bit more in the first round, in my draw, I think it's better. Sometimes you losing a little bit of power. But, you know, with Ana on the big stadium, it was something new for me.

Q. Is it now going to be hard to play the next match?
LUCIE HRADECKA: For this moment I don't think about the next match. I just enjoying this moment. Next match will be on Wednesday. I think I will thinking about the match tomorrow.

Q. You've been on Rod Laver for doubles. How different is it to be out there for singles?
LUCIE HRADECKA: I play once time in final mixed doubles. But actually I don't remember lot of feeling of court because I feel sick on those days and I have a fever. I'm so happy that this time I was ready for the good game.
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