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December 13, 2002

Padraig Harrington

David Toms


Q. You guys got on a little birdie streak at 13, 14, but just didn't make a couple putts. Looked like you were hitting the ball well out there.

DAVID TOMS: Yeah, we hit the ball fine the first couple of days. We just haven't made any putts at all. I mean, it's a little frustrating, because if we were making anything at all, we'd be right there. But that's golf. Hopefully it will turn our way this weekend.

Q. As far as your strategy for tomorrow, is try to hit two balls in the fairway, two on the green?

DAVID TOMS: Yeah, I think any time that you are up there both with legitimate birdie putts, not so much pressure on one guy. You have to play really consistent, go low and try to get back in.

Q. Are you ever superstitious, do you feel like if you don't make putts the first two days nothing will go in?

DAVID TOMS: You hope. So you've just got to keep executing. I think we are both good enough putters that they will start to go in if we just stay patient.


Q. Tell us about your round today.

PADRAIG HARRINGTON: I don't know about our round, but the scoring seems to be really good from everybody else. We played okay. We kept ourselves in it. We'd like to be a few more under par. We have another 36 holes to go, so a long way yet.

Q. Is it your first time here in Mexico?

PADRAIG HARRINGTON: Yeah, I'm really enjoying it. It's really nice here. Weather is great. Golf course is very good. Good week.

We are wearing the same colors as our national flag, so it's okay, but when they are waving the Mexican flag, I think it's the Irish one.

Q. Does it come down to almost like a putting contest tomorrow, you've got to balls on the fairway, two on the green?

PADRAIG HARRINGTON: We didn't get two balls to the fairway, two to the green yesterday, so that was our problem. If the weather stays like this where it's dead calm, it's ideal for good scoring. If it's a little bit windy, it's a little bit more testing but at the moment, today's conditions are perfect for golf.

Q. Do you think more or less this course was designed with the wind in mind, as far as it would be a tough golf course with some heavy winds, but when it's benign like this, it's really not that difficult?

PADRAIG HARRINGTON: You know, there's not a golf course nowadays in the world that without the wind, players won't play well on. Somebody has got to play well. So all golf courses need a little bit of wind just to show a little bit extra.

Q. Were you able to keep your focus well after the big week last week?

PADRAIG HARRINGTON: Yeah, I'm trying to, trying to keep going. Got to try to keep going.

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