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January 26, 2015

Venus Williams


V. WILLIAMS/A. Radwanska
6-3, 2-6, 6-1
An interview with:

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. After falling behind an early break in the third set, what was your mentality? What were you telling yourself?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Honestly, I don't know. I just felt like in the third set I was trying to get back to the form that I was in in the first set. I didn't do a lot wrong in that first game. It was just overhit some, missed an easy one that would have definitely helped my cause. It was frustrating but I stayed focused and I wanted to just continue playing like I did in the first game because it was really the right way to play.

Q. Do you think your mentality was any different today in the third set than compared to a year ago? Were you more positive, more confident?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I guess so. I don't know. A year's a long time. But obviously just executing on a lot more points a lot more consistently. I think a year ago I had a lot more trouble with putting a lot of good points together. That comes with just being able to play, playing consistently. For a while there I think I was just kind of on and off tour a lot. That starts to take a toll no matter how many matches you've won. So I think just being able to build that momentum up, play matches, start to play a lot of good points in a row has been a difference.

Q. Because of the opponent, because of the occasion, does it feel like the biggest win for you in a while?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I don't know. I mean, I guess from the outside looking in, I guess it could look like that. But for me I'm just really focused and poised right now. I feel like I've been here before, so it's not like I'm jumping up and down for joy, Oh, shoot, what is this? I've never done this. Yes, I've done this. This is what I'm always going into each tournament thinking I want to do, even when I fall short. It's definitely not the first time. I guess that's how I feel.

Q. Does it feel overdue?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Things take time. Of course, I want to be playing deep in all my events. Everybody wants that. But it really just doesn't happen every time for everyone. Now is my moment and I want to keep this moment going all year and then next year too. But that will take work.

Q. Your next opponent, her coach knows you very well. Do you think that will give her an advantage in the match?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Definitely. I mean, Lindsay comments on so many matches, so I know that she I'm sure knows everyone's game. I'm sure that's why Madison is playing so well. I think my game has changed a lot since I used to play Lindsay, as well. I feel like I'm continually evolving, adding things to my game. I don't think it's the same report as it would have been at that time, however many years ago that was.

Q. Three Americans into the quarterfinals. There are two Williamses in the quarterfinals. That's happened over 20 times. Comment on Katrina being president of the USTA and three African American women in the quarterfinals.
VENUS WILLIAMS: I definitely think that's for another outsider looking in because I just think about if I'm winning or not. Definitely I want the Americans to do well. We're always rooting for each other. But at the end of the day that's so out of your control. I hadn't thought of the tournament that way at all until you mentioned it. I was thinking about my progress and what things I could do for my game. Of course, rooting Serena on as well. So that's unfortunately how I look at it a lot of the times.

Q. Do you feel your performances affect people and are an inspiration?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Definitely. I think all of us touch lives in ways that we never dreamed of growing up as kids. You just want to be No. 1 in the world, you want to win a major. You never think about the people you inspire from your efforts and your attitude. Yes, that's been my experience in my life and most professional players I think it's their experience as well.

Q. How happy were you with the way you played tonight, the quality of your tennis?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, I think I played well when it mattered. Her style of game was completely different than the first three players I played. The first three players I played tried to blast me off the court. This was the first time there was any sort of rhythm at all. The way she hits the ball is so different. A lot of times, especially for a player like me, you feel like, Wow, why am I not hitting more winners? That's not just always the answer. It's definitely a balance between being aggressive and being patient and being smart because the way she plays is very deceptive. Not everyone plays that way. Definitely a good win against her.

Q. When playing a player much younger, how would you compare the advantages between years of experience as to they have a younger body?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I think at this level the younger body doesn't help, per se. Everybody out here is ready to go. If you're here and you're playing this deep, it means that you've done the work and you're fit. So whatever age, doesn't matter what age you are, you got to go to the gym, you got to do the work on the court. That definitely is not a factor, no matter who you play. Of course, experience is definitely a factor. But I was 19 once. I beat players who were more experienced. So at the end of the day if you can hit the ball in the court enough times and get enough points on your side, that will be who wins no matter what the other numbers are.

Q. You played against Lindsay more than anybody else in your career, 27 times. Are there moments in your rivalry with her that stand out to you?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I think that what stands out most in the rivalry was how one-sided it was in the beginning. She probably won't remember this, because when you're winning you forget the count, but when you're losing you don't. I know when we played our first Wimbledon final, she had nine wins and I had three. So it was very, very unbalanced, especially for her wins. I think I was able to compete well in some of our most important matches. So that was nice.

Q. Do you see similarities from what you're seeing in Madison, between her game and Lindsay's game?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Definitely. Lindsay used to just hit a clean ball. She was so fun to watch play. I loved watching her play. Of course, didn't love watching her hit those clean balls against you. That was a part of it as well. I thought she brought a lot to tennis. I think she should actually get more credit. People don't always mention her name. But she was an amazing player. Yeah, definitely some similarities. Madison hits a clean ball, goes for it. So it looks like it's a good match.

Q. What, if anything, do you remember of your first major quarterfinal or semifinal? Back in '97 you played Testud and then Spirlea.
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, that was back in the day. I just remember thinking I felt like I was a little bit satisfied with the quarter, then I thought to myself in that quarter match, I remember I hit a backhand as hard as I could on a passing shot, this was back before Hawk-Eye, she didn't like the call, they called it in, it was a matchpoint, and it was over. In Spirlea I hit a down the line. At that time there were a few passing shots that were super important at that time. That's what I remember most. I remember one or not at all. I'm not like focused on that at all. I'm like future focused. But definitely was a good time.

Q. With your recovery between matches, the off days, nowadays are you able to do in your off days what you were able to do five or six years ago or have you had to tweak your off days to maximize your energy levels for your matches?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, I don't do as much as I used to. I definitely don't get around. I just hang out and rest a lot. So no dinners, no shopping. I just hang out and enjoy the peace and tranquility of my room.

Q. Still fun?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Oh, I amuse myself. That room is bouncing, bumping. But, no, I just try to really stay focused on preserving my energy.

Q. When you beat Lindsay in the Wimbledon final, your celebration moment was incredible. Do you remember that?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Definitely, because I was pretty much behind the whole match. It was only in that last game that it was the first time I was ahead in the match. I just remember thinking, I'm going to take this opportunity. When opportunities come, take them. Then it was over. So those are the matches you remember the most, that you had to fight for. They definitely are the moments that mean the most.

Q. You have an opportunity now. Do you feel you're ready to take this opportunity?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, there's always an opportunity. That's how I look at it. I'll be back out on Wednesday trying to play my heart out again.

Q. With the Super Bowl coming up, I asked Serena what tennis players could translate their game to football. She said she could be a quarterback or a linebacker, and that you would be a wide receiver. What do you think you could play or other players could play?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I don't understand football as well as she does. Wide receiver sounds about right, I guess. I probably would have been pretty fast, yeah. Super tall. Long arms. All that stuff I think you need for that.

Q. What level of thrill is this for you when you've won slams and been to the very top? Does it give you a real rush or only winning gives you that rush?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Any win gives you that rush, whether it's a first round or the last round. Nothing like winning and nothing like losing. Both of those create some feelings that are pretty intense. I'm enjoying every moment, like I always have. Not looking back and just looking forward.
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