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January 31, 2015

Tereza Mihalikova


6-1, 6-4
An interview with:

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. When you spoke earlier this week you said you were happy to win two rounds. Now you've won the title. How do you feel?
TEREZA MIHALIKOVA: Well, I'm really happy that I won. Is actually so amazing to win the whole tournament because on the last Grand Slam, I was like, Oh, how is it to play the final? And now I won. I can't express my feelings. It's just unbelievable.

Q. Did you feel you were in control of the match? You got a bit tight in the second set. Did you still feel on top?
TEREZA MIHALIKOVA: I won the first set really I can say easy. But the second set, at the beginning I made a few mistakes. But I still felt like I can win this thing, and I want to win in two sets, not to go to the third, as in first three rounds. When she went to the medical, I sat to the chair. I said, Okay, Tereza, come on; win this in two sets. I started to believe in myself, and I'm happy I did it.

Q. I think you had to qualify for the US Open last year. From New York to here there must have been quite an improvement. What's helped you to improve?
TEREZA MIHALIKOVA: Well, from US Open I started practicing really hard to make some great result. Also in singles, not just in doubles. And when I was going here, I was like, Okay, I believe in myself. I can make a good result. I don't know what to tell. I was just enjoying every match and I was trying to play my best tennis. I don't know. I'm really happy.

Q. What was the most difficult match for you this week?
TEREZA MIHALIKOVA: I think it's hard to say because I played three sets matches first three rounds. But first it was against second seed, Jil Teichmann. I was losing also in second set. It was also hard to play against Sara Tomic because all stadium was for her. I had maybe like four fans there. And yesterday, yeah, I was feeling good, so it was okay. But today I was kind of nervous because it was the final. But I got calm. So, yeah, I think against Jil and against Sara, and today the second set was pretty nervous.

Q. Can you tell us where you train and if you have any contact with Dominika Cibulkova?
TEREZA MIHALIKOVA: I'm practicing in my city. I'm from Topolcany. It's a small city. Also I'm practicing in the city of my coach. It's Netra. I'm also coming to the national center to spar with other girls, to Bratislava, to capital city. I don't have contact number of Cibulkova. But when we meet, she's really nice, like, How are you? Good luck. I don't have a contact, but we say hi.

Q. Now that you've won a junior Grand Slam, not only will you have a trophy, that might get you Cibulkova's phone number?
TEREZA MIHALIKOVA: I don't think, but I can ask her.

Q. Have you had any other messages of congratulations in Slovakian tennis?
TEREZA MIHALIKOVA: Oh, well, I got like so much messages. I didn't have wi-fi. But yesterday I opened my messenger. It was like a hundred messages. Wait, wait, first I need to win, then I will answer. I really don't want to open those messages because I really want to thank to everyone because they were sending me photos like, C'mon, Terka, you can do this. I believe in you. I'm happy I did this.

Q. What are your next goals in juniors now?
TEREZA MIHALIKOVA: I'm trying to get to the top 10 of juniors. Also I will start to play some woman's. So top 10 and next goal woman's.

Q. Who is your favorite player on the WTA Tour?
TEREZA MIHALIKOVA: It's Serena Williams. And I hope she win today.

Q. I thought it would be Cibulkova?
TEREZA MIHALIKOVA: Yeah, I like Cibulkova, Dominika. But I'm liking Serena Williams. I'm watching all her matches. I really like her.

Q. What is your nickname?
TEREZA MIHALIKOVA: I have a lot of nicknames. But here everyone calling me Terka. And my dad is like Tereza. But I like Terka.
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