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January 31, 2015

Hideki Matsuyama


THE MODERATOR: We welcome Hideki Matsuyama to the media center with an 8-under 63 today, which moves you up the leaderboard. What worked well for you out there?

HIDEKI MATSUYAMA: (All answers through translation.) You know, I made some mistakes the last few days, and I was able to correct that and not make those mistakes today. I was able to take advantage of some of the opportunities I got today and made some putts.

Q. Now that it seems to be getting a little drier on the course, no rain today, how is the course playing?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA: You know, it hasn't dried out yet. Compared to yesterday it's definitely softer still.

Q. Who do you think is going to win the Super Bowl?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA: Seattle Seahawks.

Q. Of all the birdies you made coming in, which was the most impressive to you? What do you think was the best one?

Q. Details, please.
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA: I was able to get the crowd going, so that was the best birdie.

Q. How are you finding the crowd and the gallery here, 16, and throughout the course?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA: Compared to the last two days, the crowds were small, especially in the front 9 for me, and it was easier to play in those conditions today in the front 9 with less crowds today.

Q. What did you hit on 16? Had you ever seen an arena like that before in your life?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA: It was a 50-degree wedge. It was the club I used. Obviously I have never seen anything like that arena like that. You know, last year I was here and I played that hole, but this was the first birdie I made, you know, in the two years, so I was definitely happy with that.

Q. Of all the wins you have had so far in your career, how important was the Memorial? Which of those wins would help you the most going into tomorrow?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA: I think obviously the Memorial would be the biggest win, and I don't know how that's going to translate into going into tomorrow. I don't know if that's going to help, but, you know, I hope that I can play tomorrow like I did today and have a good day.
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