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January 31, 2015

Russell Henley


Q. Way to bring it home. You bring it home in 31, 5-under par on your back 9.
RUSSELL HENLEY: Yeah, I played well. Felt like I made all the putts inside around 7 feet the whole day and kept my round going.

Q. I think you are a much more consistent player. We don't see as much fluctuation in your scores as we have seen in the past. You have always been able to take it deep. I have seen more consistency in your game lately.
RUSSELL HENLEY: Yeah, and it feels good to see results. I have put in work ever since end of summer with Scott Hamilton and just really trying to pay attention and learn from the little things he's been telling me to help my golf swing, and keeping the ball more in front of me has allowed me to be more consistent.

Q. Tell us about the hole locations we see as the leaders come down the stretch on the back 9.
RUSSELL HENLEY: Well, I think the first couple of holes on the back are pretty simple, but starting on 13, par-5, you might see an eagle or two there. Back middle of the green. Pretty simple hole location. And then 15's playing downwind. I got there in 2. You might see some guys going for it with an iron. 16 is a wedge. It's 133. And 17 I drove it on the green and two-putted. There is a lot of places you can make birdies and be aggressive.

Q. You realize you played yourself into a late tee time tomorrow. Do you have a pick for the Super Bowl for us?
RUSSELL HENLEY: Every time I bet against Seattle this year or felt they were going to lose, they have won. So I'm going to stick with Seattle. It's kind of hard to pick. Both teams are obviously great.
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