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January 30, 2015

Joy Barbee


KERRY THARP:  Representing Joe Weatherly, we have his niece, Joy Barbee, and Joy, congratulations on being here tonight.  Maybe just talk about the significance of having your Uncle Joe inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame.
JOY BARBEE:  Well, thank you for having me here this evening.  I can't tell you what a great honor it is to accept this honor on behalf of Uncle Joe.  This has been a long time coming for him.  He was such a star in the NASCAR organization, if you will, and definitely the Clown Prince of Racing, so it has meant a lot to my family.  We've heard the stories over the years.  Like I said, I was only two and a half when he was killed, so I didn't know him, but the stories that were shared and the stories that I've continued to hear over this weekend have all been just very touching and just overwhelming, if you will.  But it's just a great honor.  So thank you for this weekend, and there's more to come I understand.

Q.  Joy, I'm just kind of curious, you mentioned all the stories you've heard.  Does one kind of stand out in your mind?
JOY BARBEE:  Oh, the stories that stand out in my mind, well, definitely the pranks that he played on the fellow drivers, like the‑‑ there was a picture up there of him with the snake, throwing the snake, and Bud Moore shared a story with us about him having a little mongoose or something in a box, a fake mongoose, scaring the ladies, and just the jokes, the jokes that he played on other drivers.

Q.  You mentioned that you really didn't know your uncle that well, but from what you've heard, do you see some of those characteristics in family members from the stories you've heard from your Uncle Joe?
JOY BARBEE:  Absolutely.  Absolutely.  I can tell you that a good time, a good laugh, we all like to joke around with one another.  I think that runs in my mother's side of the family, and definitely the need for speed, because we all have a heavy foot.  Yeah, I can see that running through the blood.

Q.  Is there something from his racing career that the family still has that you all on occasion look at and just wrap your heart full of joy with what your uncle was?
JOY BARBEE:  Pictures.  Pictures.  That's all we have are pictures.  Like I said, everybody has said, I was so young.  I have pictures.  I visited his grave, and his tombstone is shaped like the racetrack there out in Riverside.  You definitely look at that and just have to stop and think back.  So yes, sir.
KERRY THARP:  Joy, thank you so much for being here.  Before we leave, I'm going to ask you to come down here and we have a couple of things we would like to present you.  The city of Norfolk, Virginia, has declared, mayor Paul Fraim, that Friday, January 30th, 2015, is Joe Weatherly Day in the city of Norfolk, so congratulations on that.  And then also, our esteemed Congressman Richard Hudson from the state of North Carolina presented a plaque to you today recognizing the Clown Prince of Stock Car Racing, Mr.Joe Weatherly, for coming into the Hall of Fame here tonight.  If we could, we'll come down here and I'll present you these and we'll get a photo.  Congratulations.
JOY BARBEE:  Well thank you very much.

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