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January 30, 2015

Jeff Gordon

Franklin Scott

Wendell Scott, Jr.


JEFF GORDON:テつ Our next inductee did a lot with a little, on a shoestring budget and a pit crew that was truly a family affair.テつ He carved out a legendary career.テつ His is a story of perseverance and determination in the face of unimaginable obstacles.テつ He fought through any and all hardships, and tonight he reaches NASCAR's pinnacle.
(Video shown.)
Please welcome, representing 2015 NASCAR Hall of Fame inductee Wendell Scott, his son Franklin Scott.
WENDELL SCOTT JR.:テつ It's my honor on this 30th day of January, 2015, to present NASCAR's Hall of Fame and officially induct our father Wendell Scott into the NASCAR Hall of Fame.テつ I'd like to mention Scott Nation, my fantastic sisters, Deborah, Ann, Cheryl, and Sybil.
FRANK SCOTT:テつ Good evening.テつ Obviously tonight is a very special occasion, and I consider it a great honor and distinct privilege on behalf of our mother, Mary C.テつ Scott, my siblings Ann, deceased, Wendell Jr., Sybil, Deborah, Kay, Cheryl and Michael, my wife Mabel, the grandchildren, the great grandchildren, and all other relatives, officials from the city of Danville, Virginia, in Pittsylvania County, the state of Virginia delegation present, and to our many friends from across this great nation.テつ We have been led to this great celebration tonight because of the character, tenacity and determination of Wendell L. Scott, Sr.テつ I believe Dad envisioned a night such as this that's comprised of his family, friends and fellow competitors.テつ Unfortunately the love of his life, Mary Scott, is not here physically because of health reasons, but her spirit is definitely here in a very positive way.
I'd like to add that she's heard this speech.
The legend of Wendell Scott depicts him as one of the great vanguards of the sport of NASCAR racing.テつ Daddy was a man of great honor.テつ He didn't let his circumstances define who he was.テつ The Bible teaches that before a person can have honor, they must first have integrity and humility.テつ In addition, another one of his great attributes was perseverance.テつ There were two words that were forbidden for us to use growing up in the Scott household:テつ Those words were can't and never.
In spite of the many obstacles, struggles and many hardships he faced, he persevered, and what seemed to be insurmountable odds to others, Daddy considered an opportunity.テつ His intestinal fortitude has placed him among the greatest to ever compete in the sport he loved, racing.
We'd like to thank everyone who contributed to our father receiving this great honor.テつ It's my hope and desire that tonight will serve as inspiration and motivation to anyone who has a dream or a vision for greatness.
Daddy realized that life had a generational component.テつ He predicted a lot of what is happening.テつ He would be delighted and happy that there is evidence of more opportunities for diversity and inclusion.テつ I would be remiss if I failed to mention a few special individuals who helped him to realize some of his dreams:テつ Earl Brooks, fellow competitor and friend; Bobby Fleming, who spent many, many hours doing body work and painting our cars before he told me I had to learn how to do it; Harold "Bug" Drummond, Dick McCoy, Bob Neal, Carly Simpson; Howard Cook, Raymond Arnold, Alonzo Carter, Lynnwood Carter, Wooster Adams and Dr.Billy Beavers.テつ All the fellow competitors that proved to be invaluable during our Sprint Cup years were the Wood Brothers, Ned Jarrett, Rex White, Holman and Moody and Richard Petty, drivers who got out of their race car for him to drive to help us to protect our points standing, bonus money that was so important as seed money for the upcoming seasons were Earl Brooks, James Thomas, Tiger Tom Pistone and Roy Tyler.
I would like to thank NASCAR for making this night possible and for the efforts they're making to improve diversity in NASCAR racing.テつ I would also like to thank Clay Campbell and the Martinsville Speedway for a great weekend last October.テつ And words cannot describe how great and accommodating the NASCAR Hall of Fame staff has been to our family over the last few months, to make this induction an occasion that will forever be embedded in our hearts and minds.テつ To Winston, Amber, Kevin, Jewel, Karen, Buz, and the rest of the Hall of Fame staff, thank you for all you have done and all of your efforts.
We also would like to congratulate the other inductees for being inducted into the Hall of Fame with our dad.
Wendell Scott fulfilled his destiny, and now we can proudly say that he is the first African‑American inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame.
We must carry his legacy to even greater heights with the same selflessness, honor, integrity, humility and perseverance that were his trademark.テつ Let me conclude with a quote from Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.:テつ He said the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of control and convenience but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy.テつ Wendell L. Scott, Sr., stood the test of time.テつ Thank you.

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