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January 30, 2015

Marc Warren


Q.  It looks good on paper, was it as good as that out there?
MARC WARREN:  Yeah, it was very good, I would say kind of from the fairways in, a little bit scrappy.  Probably scrappier than I have been off the tee but fortunately wasn't too much trouble and managed to give myself a lot of chances today.

Q.  It's been a building Desert Swing for you, really came alight last week and that sort of moving level by level is something that must be pleasing to you.
MARC WARREN:  Yeah, I think in Abu Dhabi I drove the ball really well, which is pleasing after five weeks off, and then iron play wasn't so good.  But obviously kind of improved that a little bit last week and carried onto this week, as well.  Like I say, gave myself lots of chances, which I think when the scoring is as low as this, which is the most important thing.

Q.  When you are on form, it looks as if nothing can go wrong?
MARC WARREN:  We did speak about it last week.  Seems to be going well.  Times I'm comfortable in my swing, stand up and pretty free mentally and just hit the shots that I see.  It's a nice place to be.

Q.  Huge satisfaction once again?
MARC WARREN:  Yes, probably wasn't quite as good off the tee today but I would say iron play was better, if anything, and putted nicely again.  Obviously eight birdies, you've got to be rolling the ball nicely on the green and holed a nice kind of 50‑footer on the last there which is always a nice feeling.

Q.  You look at that stage, if something goes wrong, you can brush aside pretty swiftly and get onto business again?
MARC WARREN:  The one bogey I've had in the last couple days was a poor tee shot but was in decent position.  Pretty poor lie and just missed the putt but bounced back straightaway with a birdie on the next.  It's nice even when you make a mistake, it's nice to get it back straightaway.

Q.  Has Archie made a big influence on your golf and life?
MARC WARREN:  Yeah, since the wee man has come along the last few years have been pretty strong for me and takes a bit of pressure off you I suppose in a way that no matter how your day's went, he's generally quite happy to see me.  Helps me totally forget about golf, as opposed to kind of thinking about it at nighttime or anything like that.

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