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January 29, 2015

Martin Laird


Q. Really happy?
MARTIN LAIRD: You know, ball striking became really good. The first six holes I think I hit one green. I was driving it great, and I just kept missing greens with my irons. Scrambled really well to be 1-under through 6, and then I had the nice little stretch there 6, 7 stretch, hit it nicely and gave myself a lot of looks. I made a few of them, and happy with the bogey-free round.

Q. Tell me about the eagle.
MARTIN LAIRD: Yeah, you know, it was kind of a perfect number for a cup 5-wood for me, and that's a new green. You've got to use the big ridge that runs across the middle of 3. It's probably an easier green to go for than the old one. The old one was kind of hard. It was one of the shots my caddie and I talked about. It came out just perfect. Used the slope. Three, four feet, and those are all good for eagle.

Q. That's the way to do it. Do you like the changes in the course?
MARTIN LAIRD: I do. I think they're fantastic. You know, I think the course needed it, just a little tweak. Obviously two or three holes that have changed quite a bit, but a lot of it is little tweaks, and visually now it's fantastic. Every hole looks great. Change in the bunkers really made a difference. I mean, I like every single thing they did. That's not often you hear that when guys make changes, and that said, I think it needed it. I think it came out fantastic.

Q. You split your time between here and Charlotte. Had you played out here since the redo?
MARTIN LAIRD: I played the back 9 one day and front 9 one day, and that was all I did before I went over to Humana, and then I played Tuesday, played all of them. I had seen it twice, so to speak. You know, it's basically the same golf course, just, you know, just gotta really figure out maybe 3, 4, and 14. Apart from that, they are all kind of the same, you know. Some of the tee shots are a little tighter now, which I think is good. Needed a little, to be toughened up a little, but I really like the changes, and I think everyone I've talked to likes the changes. I think it's pretty much unanimous. The course is in great shape, too. It's fun.
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