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January 29, 2015

Andy Sullivan


ANDY SULLIVAN:テつ It was the best day of my life out there playing with these guys, but no, it's an absolute pleasure and to be fair, it took some, not pressure off but I didn't really look at the leaderboard today.テつ I was just watching them guys play golf.テつ It was just absolutely fantastic, one of the best days of my life and to play the way I did, as well, was brilliant.

Q.テつ Fair to say when you go out there and you watch these guys play and you cruise around the golf course, as well as they do, or they have, then it only builds your confidence?
ANDY SULLIVAN:テつ Yeah, definitely.テつ I'm obviously confident on the back of the win and performances I've been putting in.テつ But to mix it up with them today was good and I think it was good that we all sort of played really well, as well, so it brought out the best in each of us.
Like I say, I can't really put into words at the moment how happy I am and just to play with them guys, it's a dream come true.テつ You watch them on the telly, winning Majors, playing in Ryder Cups and then you're playing with them, and then to play the way I did, it's just an unbelievable feeling.

Q.テつ Thinking about the next three days, you know watching these guys and Rory and Martin, they are going to have the foot flat to the floor; how do you keep up with it?
ANDY SULLIVAN:テつ Just go about my business the way I did, smile my way around and just enjoy the golf the way I have been.テつ Playing really well at the moment, so if I keep doing what I'm doing, I think just play the way I am and not worry about what they are doing really.テつ Just get on with what I'm doing and enjoy tomorrow like I did today.

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