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January 25, 2015

Charley Hoffman


Q.  Perfect scoring conditions for you.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  Yeah, it was.  Front nine was a little slow, couple birdies, wasn't bad.
Then actually got away with some bad shots.  10, I made a 20‑footer for par which was a good momentum saver.
Then got lucky with short side on the par‑5, 11.  Made one on the fringe from 18 feet and sort of got the momentum going on.
Then I hit a bad shot on the par‑3, chunked the chip, and was able to hole that.  And made some pars.
So there was some crucial par saves and a lucky birdie in there that sort of the kept the round going.
And knowing birdies are out there, if you make a bogey, you sort of, I wouldn't say you're done, but you're behind the eight ball.  And I was lucky enough to save myself there on those few holes and made a little run at the end.
I, hopefully, have a chance.  I think it's going to come up a little short, but we'll see.

Q.  Kind of first down for the tournament, good rounds on Friday and Sunday average rounds on the other two days.  Feel like you kind of left something out there?  A couple of those days you turn around, maybe you would be at 25.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  All in all, all week I putted pretty well.  Saved some good pars.
Couple loose shots.  But we're playing 72 holes you're not going to hit them all good.  Was able to get away with some loose shots on Friday that I ended up shooting 9‑under and wasn't really satisfied.  I hit it better yesterday and hit it pretty good today and was able to give myself a chance.

Q.  21, you're hanging around, what are you thinking?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  I'm thinking I'm a little short, but I would love to be in a playoff, that's for sure.

Q.  Was it feeling good enough that you thought you could put on a little run at the end?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  I was just trying to stay in the tournament.  I wasn't really watching the score boards.  Then I knew if I made birdie on 11, with a good par save on 12, that I thought I was looking double right in the eyes on 12 there, and chipped it in and made par.
And then made a good putt for birdie on 13 and all sudden birdied the last four, which, obviously, goes from 20th to somewhere up near the top.
So, I expect ‑‑ I mean, you have five wedges in the last five holes.  Granted, there is water on every one of those holes, but you got two par‑5s that are reachable for most people today and two par‑3s that are wedges and another hole that's a hybrid, wedge.  So I would be shocked not to see some guys making birdies coming down the stretch.

Q.  You talked to me earlier this week about being hungrier about winning again because you just won, so what's, if you come up a little bit short, what's this one going to feel like?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  Oh, it feels great.  I really wasn't in the ballpark.  It's nice to go shoot a nice round on Sunday and sort of let everybody else do the work.
Any time you get a top‑10 out here it's good work.  My sort of goal last few years, when I go into Sunday, all I want to do is improve.  If I'm in 30th, I want to improve on that.  If I'm in 5th, I want to improve on that.
So improving on Sunday has been a goal of mine.  Getting in position the first three rounds and Sunday is a day to improve.  And I did that today, which I'm happy about.

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