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January 25, 2015

Webb Simpson


Q.  Consistent round, no real birdie streaks to speak of, just 32, 32, 68.  Or 64.  Is that a number that you started today thinking maybe around there might work?
WEBB SIMPSON:  I knew it would be something really low to get back in contention.  But warming up with a lot of wind, I thought it was going to play a little tougher and then there at the turn really it started to die down and I figured with this cloud cover the greens would soften up and make it tough for guys like me to get back in it.  But I shot 64 here last year final round so something about this course on Sundays.

Q.  Wedges working well, putter, anything particularly that stood out for you today?
WEBB SIMPSON:  I really putted well.  I made all the putts I needed to make today, for the most part.  Some crucial par saves on 4 and 10 and then there on 18.
But thankful to get another tournament under my belt and each tournament I feel like I'm getting a little more comfortable with the short putter.

Q.  Do you hang around at 20‑under?
WEBB SIMPSON:  I got to go to the house to get my, the our baby's crib, and bring it back to Steve, so I'll be back in 15 minutes.  We'll see.

Q.  Do you feel totally comfortable with the whole change yet or not?
WEBB SIMPSON:  I'm getting there.  I still feel like there's a few things that I need to work on to get better, but it's kind of how I am with golf in general.  There's always things I feel like that I notice that I can get better with.
But, yeah, each tournament I feel more comfortable, I feel like I have to talk less about it, people are getting used to it, talk to you guys less, but, no, it's good.  Glad I went ahead and switched.

Q.  Does it take a relief off your shoulders that you've gotten off to a good start with it?
WEBB SIMPSON:  I think so.  Especially given I had no idea what to expect.  I definitely believe that I could be a good putter, but it had about 10 years since I used it, so there was tons of doubt.
But I had to stick with my motto, which was just focus on your mechanics, try to get better, and that's what we have done so far.  So it's been a good start.

Q.  You said you felt last week you mentioned that you felt pressure and expectations because eyes were on you, using it to be one of the first guys to make the switch.  It's got to be somewhat validating to top 15 in each of your first two.
WEBB SIMPSON:  Yeah, I mean, last week Thursday morning I was really nervous.  The kind of nervous where like maybe a guy whose never won or never played in the final group on Sunday, you never been in that position, so you don't know what to expect type thing.  But, yeah, it was a gift to shoot 8‑under first round.  That kind of settled me a little bit.
But again, it's just building blocks, I said it from the beginning, I told my caddie, Paul, if it took us six months or even two years, that I was going to put in the work and sooner or later I felt like God gave me enough talent with the putter to come around and be a good putter one day.
So we're just, again, one day at a time, just trying to stay patient and we'll see where it goes from here.

Q.  You said there's a few things that you're still not quite comfortable with, what are those?
WEBB SIMPSON:  Long putts, like putting in the wind, little things like that, with the belly putter, because the belly putter, long putts, there's a lot of motion with my upper body.  But the short putter, I'm trying to stay very still.
So little things like that.  Technique things.  I'm starting to notice these last two weeks, if I feel pressure, I really want to make a putt, noticing certain tendencies, so good pick ups that we're seeing that I just got to work on.

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