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January 24, 2015

Branden Grace


BRANDEN GRACE:テつ Today was good.テつ I started with a nice birdie and the round didn't go really my way.テつ Just stuck to my are you tunes, stuck to the guns and one thing led to another, one good swing led to the other one, made a couple of birdies coming in which was a great bonus.

Q.テつ 16, the eagle did push you to the top?
BRANDEN GRACE:テつ It's not actually my favourite tee shot that, especially with the wind off the left, it's one you have to really commit to and it's one of those‑‑ it's a good driver but it's not a smash driver.
I managed to hit a great shot, got it up in the air, which managed for the soft bounce and managed to go five or six feet just short and as Zack just told me, stick to your routines, you're reading it well and putting it well and made a good stroke and rolled it in.
Bernd got it going.テつ When the putter got hot, it looked like he didn't want to miss out there.テつ It was really kind of a little bit of a match‑play situation.テつ I know Marc was making some birdies behind us as well but I was just focusing on Bernd.テつ Got it to an all‑square anticipation and 16 went past him and that was the game changer.テつ It was a great day and it's just nice that the swing kept in the situation I put myself in.

Q.テつ January and already two victories.
BRANDEN GRACE:テつ Yeah, that's happened last time in 2012, as well.テつ Hopefully it's a good season and it just continues forward.

Q.テつ World Ranking points as well as Race to Dubai.
BRANDEN GRACE:テつ Yeah, that's a big bonus.テつ The schedule is going to change again but I'm going to stick to my routines and my schedule in Europe here a little bit and take it from there.テつ This is definitely one of the ones that I wanted to tick off, so proud of myself that I managed to do it.

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