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January 24, 2015

Eddie Pepperell


Q.テつ I don't want to put words into your mouth but that must be a good week, wasn't it?
EDDIE PEPPERELL:テつ Yeah, it was a good week.テつ Yeah, 16‑under is a good result.テつ That's my best tournament finish in terms of par, and if someone had said to me, over the weekend you're going to shoot 12‑under, I would have taken it.テつ Yeah, very good finish.

Q.テつ And yet I sense that you're subdued, a little disappointed.
EDDIE PEPPERELL:テつ I'm not that really disappointed.テつ I didn't play fantastic today to be honest.テつ My putting was very, very good.テつ So to not make any bogeys and shoot 5‑under, I think is a credit to my putting and my short game and the way I hung in there, certainly today.テつ I just didn't quite hit enough good shots to make enough birdies.テつ The pins were tough.テつ The greens felt a lot firmer than I recall playing over the week.テつ But it's a good result and I'm pleased.

Q.テつ All bodes well?
EDDIE PEPPERELL:テつ It does I think, yeah.テつ It does, because I haven't really‑‑ since Dubai last year, I've done very little practice, which is very different to my last winter.テつ But in many ways I think it's worked for me because I haven't done anything silly.テつ I just carried on doing what I've been doing.テつ I'm seeing some consistency and I'm seeing consistency in my scores and that's something I'm pleased about.テつ That's what you want to do every time you go out on the course.

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