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January 24, 2015

Marc Warren


Q.テつ No clever questions.テつ Just what are your thoughts on the way the week has worked out?
MARC WARREN:テつ Overall, massively positive week, I think starting with 1‑under par and then putting together rounds of seven under, 5‑under, 5‑under‑‑ I think it was 5‑under today.テつ It was a little bit up‑and‑down out there, but yeah, you know, to putt three rounds together like that on a golf course like this is really pleasing.テつ I think the weather's been a little bit kinder to us than it normally is around here.テつ It's normally a little bit breezier.
Yeah, the last ten holes, I think it's some of the best golf I've ever played to be honest.

Q.テつ When you say up‑and‑down today, talk us through it a little, because it was explosive to start.
MARC WARREN:テつ Yeah, started birdie, birdie.テつ Didn't feel as in sync as it has been and obviously starting with two birdies, you can't complain and hit a really good drive off 4 and thought, back in again, and poor drive off 5.
It was a little bit all over the place, and then poor shot on 8, made double‑bogey there.テつ Then walking to the 9th tee, just swing thoughts‑‑ I had fallen into bad thoughts or whatever and moved the ball further forward in my stance the last nine holes and never missed a shot after that and seemed to work.

Q.テつ Birdie at the last and it was playoff.
MARC WARREN:テつ Yeah, Branden made the great eagle and good birdie on 17 just tried to hang on to his coattails a little bit.
Birdied 18 and you know, feel as if I thought I hit a really good drive down there.テつ Gave myself a good chance at it.テつ Wedge didn't go quite as far as I thought it was going to.テつ But yeah, it's kind of 30‑foot uphill chance to get in a playoff, and took a little break off it, so was hitting it farther than I normally would.

Q.テつ All the positives, you actually sound like you're buzzing and looking forward to next week presumably now.
MARC WARREN:テつ Yeah, definitely.テつ I wish next week started tomorrow, after playing ten holes like that.テつ Yeah, it's a second place but it's not like I haven't kind of made any mistakes coming in.テつ It was exactly the opposite to be honest.テつ It was kind of foot down and go forward.テつ Felt like I was swinging well the last few holes.テつ I was going at flags and the putts were going in.テつ Overall it was a really exciting day to be honest.

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