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January 23, 2015

Erik Compton


Q.  Obviously a steady round today, three birdies on either side.  You made the birdie on first three holes.  What got you going today, what was working for you?
ERIK COMPTON:  Yeah, I had an okay warm‑up session and with the weather being as good as it is, you just got to stay patient and give your self as many looks as you can.  I gave myself a lot of looks.
Early I hit it close and then on 10 and I think I had four 2‑putts for birdie.  So, that helps.
All in all, my ball striking was really solid and yesterday I was a little more fortunate with the chip in and the long putt.  Today it was just kind of good ball striking and hitting the par‑5's in two and then kind of an average putting day.

Q.  Can the conditions get anymore ideal out here for you today?

Q.  Can you describe what it was like out there?
ERIK COMPTON:  The greens are good and they're tricky to read, because there's some subtle breaks in them, but the conditions, I mean I played here one year when the wind was really, really blowing and it was almost impossible.  So, when the conditions are like this, it's nice to take advantage of it, because sometimes you put a little extra pressure on yourself to try to shoot lights out.  And guys that are really good players, with their wedges and stuff, like the Kuchars of the world and those guys, you can see they're going to get it going, so you kind of just have to chase them.

Q.  He's atop the leaderboard right now, I think you're three back overall.  How do you like where you set yourself going back to PGA West for these last two rounds if you're thinking about contending?
ERIK COMPTON:  Well, right now I'm not even thinking about contending, I'm just, you know, I got to go out tomorrow and see what the course gives me and then you just want to give your self a chance on the last nine holes and I've given myself a few chances in the last year and a half, so I'm looking to improve on that and learn from it.

Q.  Where do you rate your game, your form right now I know it's kind of early?
ERIK COMPTON:  I'm kind of surprised, but I had a really good off season and I'm more surprised with my emotions and temper and that, so maybe the off season had a hand in that, so it's been a goal of mine just to be as steady as I can and to control the emotions.

Q.  Is there anything in particular you're working on right now during the off season, something that you felt made a point of prioritizing to improve on?
ERIK COMPTON:  Trying to get the driver in play has always been a huge thing for me, but not necessarily, just being really comfortable over the ball and seeing your shot and hitting a shot.  I put a new putter in the bag over the last, over the holidays that Scotty Cameron made me.  And it feels good.  So I'm, that's always been the strength of my game is my putting, so it just feels comfortable.

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