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January 23, 2015

Charley Hoffman


CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  I birdied the first and a little sloppy bogey on 2.
But it was nice to hit it close on 4, the par‑5.¬† I hit it to about two feet. ¬†Got an eagle there.
Made a good par save on 5.
Made another birdie on 6.
And then another birdie on 8, birdied 10, and real sloppy bogey on 12.
And got it going birdie 13, 14, parred 15, and then eagled 16, and then chipped in on 17.
So, finished with a flurry, that's for sure, which was nice.  A little, not as tight off the tee as I would like to be, but this is why I like playing these golf courses, you get away with a little bit on these golf courses and I was able to capitalize on a few good breaks and make some birdies.

Q.¬† Not that it isn't always pretty much perfect here, but added pressure when you're going out and the conditions are perfect and greens are great that you feel you got to go 7 or 8‑under to be competing now?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:¬† Yeah, I think that's, year‑in, year‑out you get on the Nicklaus golf course and the wind is not blowing you better shoot a few under par.
And I didn't play that well yesterday, I needed to get myself back in the tournament, so I needed to go low.  And I was able to do that and hopefully keep it going the next couple days.

Q.  They're talking about a lot of wind tomorrow.  Is that okay for you, okay, scary, got to work on something?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  It will be fine.  As long as everybody's in the same area, which is nice, and it will be hard for everybody if the wind blows, but you sort of just can do your own thing.

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