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January 23, 2015

Eddie Pepperell


EDDIE PEPPERELL:テつ That was a good round.テつ I played really well to be honest.テつ That was really the first round, say the last couple of weeks, where I felt like my game was good for the whole round to be honest.
A couple of loose shots but nothing really to write home about.テつ It was a good round and I putted well today.テつ I putted especially well, holed some nice footage which you have to do on this golf course with the pin positions that were out there.

Q.テつ Looks like you've been playing all right anyway, just not quite building the score to move into this kind of position.
EDDIE PEPPERELL:テつ Yeah, I would agree.テつ A good spell, had the odd poor shot in there, in the back of my mind being aware of a shot or two that are sort of still in the game at some point and that's maybe led to me not shooting the kind of scores I feel I can.
But today I trusted everything, and worked well on the range all week, particularly yesterday, and I suppose I got my rewards today.

Q.テつ Makes it sound more mental than physical; is it?
EDDIE PEPPERELL:テつ I don't know.テつ I think technique stands up.テつ I think I have obviously improved my technique in some area from the last couple of days to today, otherwise I wouldn't have hit the amount of good shots I hit today.テつ I would put that down to it.テつ But yeah, you know, played good.

Q.テつ What are your thoughts then on that position on the board?テつ I know the leaders have got a long way to go, but it's not an easy course, and you've really got amongst it.
EDDIE PEPPERELL:テつ I have, and I've probably given myself a shot anyway.テつ You never know, one guy might go out and have a similar back nine that I had and give some space men me and him.テつ Nonetheless, a good round of golf for me and gives me a shot tomorrow hopefully and if I can keep doing what I've done today, I'll be all right.

Q.テつ What do you think of The Desert Swing to start 2015?
EDDIE PEPPERELL:テつ It's perfect.テつ This is my third time out here and every year I've enjoyed it.テつ It's a great place to start.テつ The courses, you need to do everything pretty well to be up there in the Top‑10, Top‑5; you need to hit the ball well, you need to putt well, you need to chip well.テつ It tests all areas of your game and it's a good start to the season.

Q.テつ There are differences in the three courses and I suppose there's enough that's the same that you can get into a decent rhythm.
EDDIE PEPPERELL:テつ Yeah, absolutely.テつ Definitely they all demand that you drive the ball well.テつ Although the rough this week isn't as penal as it was last week, but the greens are tougher this week to get the ball closer, more undulating and firmness.テつ Each of the courses are different, and that's the beauty of golf and the courses we play.

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