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January 23, 2015

Branden Grace


Q.テつ Pleased?
BRANDEN GRACE:テつ It was good.テつ Nice to start off with a birdie, but got a little bit greedy on the third and the fourth, going for some pins I shouldn't be going for.テつ You learn the hard way through that.
Nice to bounce back the way I did and nice to finish off the round with a good birdie on 18.テつ Today, 18 is definitely not a given birdie, so I was very confident and I got a nice lie in the rough.テつ I thought, I'm definitely not laying up, I'm going for this.テつ With all the trust and things, I pulled it off, and managed to make a good up‑and‑down.
On the fifth or sixth, I actually didn't hit that bad a tee shot.テつ I thought I was just in the rough on the right and must have had a big bounce to the right.テつ Where it finished, I thought, this is going to take some magic.テつ I could only hit a big, snapping hook with a wedge and when I hit it, I couldn't see the ball.テつ He said, well, it's hooking and then we heard the claps and next thing you know, managed to make a nice little 5‑footer for birdie.テつ That definitely got it kick started.
Birdieing the next, as well, was a great birdie and the momentum kept on going from there.テつ Pretty happy with the round and after 18, I'm still in the position where I want to be.

Q.テつ Are you comfortable in the final day with all the victories under your belt and one pretty recently.
BRANDEN GRACE:テつ I'm not going to say that it's given.テつ Still have to get up and still have to do the same things, and you still have to play good golf.テつ Nothing is a given out here.テつ These guys are good and we all play to win and we are all there for a reason, just going to try to do the same tomorrow and hopefully can be one better.

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