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January 23, 2015

Emiliano Grillo


Q.テつ Could you have gone lower than that or very happy with that 67?
EMILIANO GRILLO:テつ I'm really happy with that.テつ I had to wait seven holes to get my first birdie of the day but I'm quite happy the way I played middle way, and have a day left to go even lower.

Q.テつ You have not been a winner on Tour yet, but you came very, very close last year in the desert in Dubai.テつ Do you like this Middle East Swing, something about the desert?
EMILIANO GRILLO:テつ We got three great golf courses out here in the Emirates and here in Qatar.テつ I think that makes it way easier to have a good week and to try to win.テつ But yeah, I was close in Dubai, one shot short, but I'm going to try tomorrow to get my first one.

Q.テつ You're right up there amongst the top players in this championship, ready to kiss that trophy.テつ What is it going to take for you to win this tomorrow and take that trophy home with you?
EMILIANO GRILLO:テつ It's going to take a lot of patience tomorrow.テつ I was very patient today, like I say, and I had to wait seven holes to get my first birdie.テつ Tomorrow I know I have to avoid the mistakes and I have to take advantage of the good chances.

Q.テつ For the last two days, you've scored well and not been entirely happy with your game.テつ You've scored well again; what's your feeling this time?
EMILIANO GRILLO:テつ The course was tougher today.テつ I obviously played better today.テつ I hit the ball better today, so I'm with a good feeling for tomorrow and want to try to get my first win.テつ It's going to be a complicated day tomorrow but it's not going to be as tough as today.

Q.テつ So there's more satisfaction finishing after round three, is there?
EMILIANO GRILLO:テつ Oh, yeah, definitely.テつ I worked a little bit on my game yesterday afternoon, and you know, seems like it worked out pretty well, and I'm going to try to keep playing the way I'm playing tomorrow.

Q.テつ And is this just down to the progression?テつ Is it the development, rhythm that comes day after day?
EMILIANO GRILLO:テつ Maybe it's that.テつ I took four weeks off, last weekend the game was coming around and I have a chance now.

Q.テつ Are you excited?テつ This is what you play for.
EMILIANO GRILLO:テつ This is what I play for.テつ This is what I practice for my entire life.テつ Tomorrow I think I have a good chance and I have a great chance of taking my first trophy home.

Q.テつ How much do you draw on previous experience?
EMILIANO GRILLO:テつ You know, you have to learn first to win out here and I think I've learned a lot and I think I'm ready.

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