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January 22, 2015

George Coetzee


Q.テつ What are your thoughts at the halfway stage in this championship in a nice position, once again?
GEORGE COETZEE:テつ Yeah, obviously just want to be in the mix come Sunday.

Q.テつ Scorecard suggested there was a lot to be had in the early stages of your round today.
GEORGE COETZEE:テつ Yeah, I'm playing well.テつ Swing is coming along slightly and putting pretty nicely.テつ Just got to wait for my birdies and not force it and kind of play the golf course like I know it.

Q.テつ Did you fancy there might be an exceptionally low score the way you started?
GEORGE COETZEE:テつ No, not the way I was playing, but definitely feels like there's a low number to be had out there today because I played well‑‑ still 5‑under, so if someone has a good day they could maybe go 62 today.

Q.テつ Some players are talking about rust; I don't think there's any for any South Africans in the field.
GEORGE COETZEE:テつ I had my fair share.テつ I didn't touch the clubs over Christmas.テつ We had a few events and feel the rust is off and we can just play golf.

Q.テつ The nature of this course, we see you play pretty well on a desert track?
GEORGE COETZEE:テつ I just like the vibe and the way the course gels into the land they have it on.テつ It's just a fun golf course.

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