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January 22, 2015

Richard Green


RICHARD GREEN:テつ Putted well again, putted nicely yesterday.テつ Probably drove the ball better today which was nice.テつ Gave myself a few more opportunities from the fairway, and it was beautiful conditions to play in.テつ A little cold yesterday, which was hard getting going but today it was ideal.

Q.テつ Seemed perfect conditions and yet it's still challenging.テつ It's tough out there.
RICHARD GREEN:テつ Yeah, looking at the greens, they have got a bit of grain in them and it's difficult to read at times.テつ But wonderful condition and speed of the greens are very good.テつ Seemed to suit my stroke at the moment, so hoping they will keep going over the weekend.

Q.テつ Plenty of positives to take out of last week in Abu Dhabi.
RICHARD GREEN:テつ I've been playing pretty well for a while.テつ Had a bit of a break over Christmastime but played well Abu Dhabi and built some good confidence.テつ My goal is to have three really positive, successful weeks here in the Middle East, so I'm sort of two‑thirds of the way there now.

Q.テつ Do you map out a whole year or do you take it sort of segment by segment?
RICHARD GREEN:テつ Yeah, it's all segment by segment.テつ I can only focus on a few weeks at a time, especially the type of golf courses.テつ I love coming back to these courses here.テつ They are similar to playing in warm conditions in Australia what I'm used to, firm conditions and I loved it.

Q.テつ If you get three good weeks and you kind of deserve a little break before you start again, that sort of thing?
RICHARD GREEN:テつ Not necessarily these days.テつ You have to keep working hard these days and keep up with the young guys.テつ I'll keep pressing hard and working hard and see how we go.

Q.テつ What does テや徂ard workテや mean to Richard Green?
RICHARD GREEN:テつ It means a lot to me once I've done it.テつ Feel a bit better about the game and myself after I've done the work, and in turn, you get the results.テつ It's not as cruisy as it kind of used to be in my younger days.テつ Suppose you used to get away with a lot more, but feel like now I have to keep fit.

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