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January 22, 2015

Bernd Wiesberger


BERND WIESBERGER:テつ I had a lot of birdies on my front nine, the back.テつ Got the putter going, as well.テつ Drove it beautifully.テつ Only missed the last fairway just on the fringe.テつ Only missed one green where I hit the flag, so long game was steady.テつ Although the short putts irons down the stretch, 4,5,6, weren't particularly good, 7, as well, bad wedge there.
So still a bit of room, but I kept myself in a good position.テつ I played nicely out there today.

Q.テつ Was there a stage where you were thinking anything was possible out there, because it was birdie after birdie after birdie?
BERND WIESBERGER:テつ It was, and I had a good look on 17, as well.テつ Yeah, I played nicely and got a bit unlucky on 2 and 3, which was 11 and 12 for me.テつ And then, you know, drove it beautifully but my irons weren't quite sharp enough.テつ I couldn't get deeper into the 60s but it was still a very good round.

Q.テつ I take it you're feeling the benefit of such a good performance in Abu Dhabi.
BERND WIESBERGER:テつ Yeah, I feel comfortable.テつ I haven't really expected it going into those two weeks, especially because I played quite poorly last year.テつ It gives me great confidence; if I keep on doing what I'm doing, I think I've worked on the right things the last couple of weeks and it shows.

Q.テつ Does this mean you're doing something different having never thrived in Doha before?
BERND WIESBERGER:テつ I'm definitely hitting more fairways today.テつ Feel like I keep the mistakes off the card so far again this year and that's what I've been doing in 2012, 2013 really well and that's what I'm doing now.テつ That's a big bonus to me.テつ Obviously getting the putter working just a little better is helping my scoring, as well.

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