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January 21, 2015

Stephen Gallacher


Q.テつ What are your thoughts on a 68 to start?
STEPHEN GALLACHER:テつ Yeah, I'm very happy with that.テつ No bogeys, first round since early December.テつ So it's good to get off to a good start.

Q.テつ How did you find the course today, because it's certainly very breezy during all the Pro‑Ams, but seems to have died down a little?
STEPHEN GALLACHER:テつ It's died down a little.テつ The course is perfect.テつ It's quite a tough one to be honest, it's across the whole course, so you're on your toes with person pins whether to attack or not.テつ But yeah, the course is great.

Q.テつ Challenging, but always in good condition?
STEPHEN GALLACHER:テつ Yeah, I think it's as good as I've ever seen it in to be honest.テつ The greens are superb, especially out in the morning, you can certainly see the ball going not hole.

Q.テつ Fun playing in a marquis group like this alongside Justin Rose and Charl Schwartzel.
STEPHEN GALLACHER:テつ Yeah, it's always good to play with these guys.テつ Played a good game today.テつ We were all kind of feeding off each other.テつ So another one to go and see what happens from there.

Q.テつ I guess you're right involved with the tournament from the get‑go when you're alongside other key men.
STEPHEN GALLACHER:テつ Not really to be honest.テつ You're playing the course.テつ You're just trying to play your own game plan and give yourself a good chance going into the weekend.

Q.テつ And that's a lovely foundation.
STEPHEN GALLACHER:テつ Yeah, it's a good platform to build from.

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