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January 21, 2015

Alexander Noren


Q.テつ Your thoughts onテつ 67 to start?
ALEX NOREN:テつ I played really good from the tee, which helps a lot.テつ I got a few putts down in the end and I'm very, very happy.テつ It felt really good.

Q.テつ You were very happy last week because you started good in Abu Dhabi, as well?
ALEX NOREN:テつ Yeah, it did, and nothing happened after that really.テつ But I feel it's so much more fun to play than just do rehab.テつ It's nice to, I feel a lot more comfortable.

Q.テつ Did you take a lot from Abu Dhabi, not only for the good scoring, but just the way that you developed across the week?
ALEX NOREN:テつ Yeah, these courses are very much driving; if you can drive it well, you'll have a lot of opportunities.テつ That's what I worked on a lot, and last week and this week, it worked well.

Q.テつ I know we went into details about the wrist injury last week, but you say it's better to play than just do the rehab.テつ Do you feel that sort of progress when you are striking the ball and playing some competitive rounds?
ALEX NOREN:テつ Yeah, of course, when I play tournaments, I'm trying to kind of be a little nicer in the wrist through the ball.テつ But it's easier on the range to do that than when you've got a shot next to the water on the course.テつ Your old habits get in there.テつ So I'm just‑‑ yeah, it's just nice to not hit as many shots out of the rough and when you hit it well.テつ So I'm trying to avoid the rough.

Q.テつ And you say old habits, it probably is difficult to reeducate yourself and tell yourself to be careful with a few things?
ALEX NOREN:テつ Yeah, especially up with thing I'm doing now is not hitting too many golf balls in the round which helps out a lot.

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