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January 18, 2015

Gary Woodland


Q.  Gary, you got it going there for a little bit, had a little bit of a hiccup, but the golf course was not easy today.  You had to put the ball in the right spots out here with the wind blowing.
GARY WOODLAND:  It was tough today.  It was tough driving the golf ball.  The fairways were so firm, and the winds, there was a cross wind today on a lot of holes, so it was tough to keep the ball in the fairway and it was tough to keep it out of the rough, so unfortunately there I had back‑to‑back bogeys.
That's what happens when you drive the ball in the rough, and I made it difficult on myself.  But outside of that, I played solid this week.  A lot to build on.

Q.  When you get the trade winds like this, you appreciate the design of the golf course, but the trade winds made this course tougher.  It was easier all through of the week in the different breeze, but with this wind the architect did a great job.  I mean you gotta play some golf?
GARY WOODLAND:  This is an awesome golf course when the wind blows.  I mean it really is.  It makes you think out there.  There's options.  You can be aggressive.  You can lay back.  Anybody can play the golf course.  That's what's great about this place, and it was a good week.

Q.  Are you going to play next week?
GARY WOODLAND:  I'm off next week, so I'll be home and tighten some things up and be ready for Phoenix.

Q.  You have to tip your hat to Jimmy, as well as he's playing?
GARY WOODLAND:  He's playing some phenomenal golf.  I saw him this winter out in Vegas working with Butch, and you could tell then he was dialed in.  Obviously played well last week and this week he's running away it.  He's obviously the best player right now around.

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