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January 17, 2015

Brian Harman


Q.  Can we get some comments on your round?
BRIAN HARMAN:  Sure.  Just a solid day.  I mean, wind was blowing a little bit this afternoon, but the pins were in pretty accessible spots, I thought.  So I just did my best and made a couple putts and made a couple nice par saves when I had to and just tried to do the best I could.

Q.  What was the difference between the conditions today and yesterday?
BRIAN HARMAN:  Not much.  The greens are a little firmer, so if you get out of position it's a little tougher to get up‑and‑down, but the golf course is very playable right now.  They've done a beautiful job with it.  I think that it's set up about as good as I've seen it.  It's in beautiful shape, it's firm, it's fast, and it's what we all love playing on.

Q.  What was the difference for you in your game today?  Was there a putt that you made that‑‑
BRIAN HARMAN:  No, I didn't do anything different or play really any better.  I just scored a little bit better today.  I just cleaned up‑‑ I've made a couple mistakes the last few days, and just cleaned that up a little bit and made a couple putts when I had to.  Just nothing crazy.

Q.  It looks like you're three back of Jimmy, which is obviously gettable, and looks like you might be in the final group.
BRIAN HARMAN:  Yeah, I've always enjoyed playing with Jimmy.  It's been great to see him play so well this last year and a half, really.  Yeah, I think they were doing a poll one year in Phoenix, and they asked who's the best player who hasn't won yet, and I said Jimmy Walker by far.  I think I made a pretty good call on that one.  He's a great player.  This course sets up really well for his ball moving right to left.  It's going to be really hard to catch him if he plays well tomorrow, but I'll give it my best try.

Q.  In your win were you in the last group on the final day?
BRIAN HARMAN:  I was, yeah.  Stricker and I were in the last group.

Q.  So you kind of know the feeling and the nerves and how to control it?
BRIAN HARMAN:  Yeah, obviously this is what we play for, to get in contention.  This is a course that I've struggled at the last three years, just haven't really done anything great.  I'm thrilled to death to be in contention, and I'll do my best tomorrow.

Q.  Anything different this year to playing it better?
BRIAN HARMAN:  I think just getting a little older and learning.  There's a lot of local knowledge that goes into this place, so just knowing the course a little bit better.  I had a really nice round.  I finished last week, I had some confidence coming in.  Usually I'm coming into this tournament pretty cold, so that was nice to finish well last year and beat some of the rust off.

Q.  And get a good feel for the greens over here, too?
BRIAN HARMAN:  Yeah, the greens aren't really similar, though.  They're about as opposite as they get.  But these greens are a little easier to putt, I think.

Q.  You looked much more confident on the back.  Was there some reason for that, or was it just the momentum you took?
BRIAN HARMAN:  No, I was confident on the front nine, too.  I felt really good.  Just trying to stay positive.  I had no idea what I was going to shoot today, but I knew that I was going to think well.

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