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January 16, 2015

Jerry Kelly


Q.  Tell me about today.  What changed?
JERRY KELLY:  Yeah, well, I really put things together with my coach last night, Jim Schuman.  You know, it was just an awful day today striking the ball, coming from playing with him for three weeks and really feeling great but not knowing why.  He's really put it into my head why it was bad, how it can be good, and it's really the first time we really connected on that wavelength so well that I was able to implement very comfortably what I was trying to do, so it was great.

Q.  Why was it bad and how can it be good?
JERRY KELLY:  You know, my body gets in the way of my club.  I've always been a short hitter, so I've always tried to give it everything I have, and once I do that with my body, it slows my club down.  So it was just really a comfortable club movement through the ball that really got the ball out there for me.

Q.  You said you guys were playing together for three weeks?

Q.  Where were you at?
JERRY KELLY:  Scottsdale for two weeks and then California for a week.

Q.  Where is he based out of?
JERRY KELLY:  Scottsdale right now.

Q.  How long have you guys been together?
JERRY KELLY:  He's my brother‑in‑law, so a pretty long time, yeah.

Q.  You always seem to play well here.  What is it about the golf course that suits you?  Is that part of the bounce‑back do you think?
JERRY KELLY:  I shape the ball off the tee, so I can get it in the fairways here better than most, and you have to be in the fairway to go after the pins out here.  I'm comfortable with my driving lines out here, and that makes a huge difference.  And then just‑‑ it's just the people.  The people are always behind me.  I mean, they treat me like 'ohana.  I love it.

Q.  Any other stops on TOUR like that that you can think of, New Orleans maybe?
JERRY KELLY:  Yeah, New Orleans is great, but I have way too much to do there, so it ends up kind of shooting me in the foot a little bit.  But this is just‑‑ I'm just so comfortable here.

Q.  You said something clicked yesterday.  Was that on the range after your round?
JERRY KELLY:  It was on the range after the round.  It was a great session afterwards, and hopefully it just continues.

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