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January 16, 2015

Tim Clark


Q.  If you're going to be stuck on a number, 65 is a pretty good one.
TIM CLARK:  Yeah, it's pretty good around here, just I've hit it really good the first two days, driven it in the fairway.  I've had a lot of chances and I've made some nice putts, and obviously you always feel like you might have left a few out there, but overall I've made my fair share.

Q.  You were able to take advantage of the par‑5s in the second round, something you didn't do on Thursday.
TIM CLARK:  Yeah, that was nice.  I mean, I was able to reach them both yesterday and didn't make birdies, and today actually I couldn't get to 18 but made birdie.  You've got to get those easy ones when you can out here.

Q.  What is it about this golf course that you enjoy and seem to play so well?  You've had a couple second place finishes.
TIM CLARK:  Well, it's obviously very tight off the tee, and I like to drive it here a lot, and when it's firm like that, I'm getting a lot of run, so my ball‑‑ I'm hitting it further than I normally do, and hitting driver and being aggressive gives me shorter clubs in than most of my opponents, where most courses they're 20 and 30 by me.  I find that a huge advantage.

Q.  We had you at 304 off the tee here at 9.
TIM CLARK:  Yeah, I mean, like I say, if I can get some fairways with some run, I can still get it out there, I just don't carry it that far.  Unfortunately when they dump water on the golf courses, it hurts me a little bit.

Q.  Was it raining for you this morning?
TIM CLARK:  No, just drizzle, just when we warmed up really.

Q.  Were you kind of expecting this this week in terms of, A, getting off to a start last week, being able to play last week, and being on a course where‑‑
TIM CLARK:  Yeah, I hit the ball great last week.  I could tell I was hitting it good.  I knew coming to a course that I loved would be nice.  But unfortunately last week's course, you've just got to smash it.

Q.  And it was soft last week, too.
TIM CLARK:  And it was soft, which was surprising since they didn't have any rain.

Q.  What do you mean by that?
TIM CLARK:  Well, they didn't have any rain, so where did the wetness come from?  I'm sure they were dumping water on it.  And for me, I'm hitting it a little bit further than I normally do.  I think I'm swinging at it really well right now, so I'm actually hitting it further than I would normally do, and I'm still hitting it straight.

Q.  What makes you swing it further?
TIM CLARK:  Just my body feels pretty good right now.  I've changed a little thing, I'm standing a little bit taller, so I think I'm getting a bit more width in my golf swing and just everything seems to be hitting the middle of the club, so when you hit it solid, it's going to go further.

Q.  A couple thoughts on your round today?
TIM CLARK:  Yeah, it's good.  I've driven the ball great.  I've given myself a lot of chances, and that's what you have to do around here.  If you're in the fairway you can attack this golf course.  If you're struggling with a driver, it's going to play tough.

Q.  You've been close the past couple visits.  What do you think you need to do to take the cake here?
TIM CLARK:  I think I've just got to keep doing what I'm doing and hope someone doesn't go crazy like Russell did a few years ago.  Sometimes there's not much you can do, you just get beaten.  I've just got to stick to what I'm doing, and the way like I'm playing, I feel like I should be right in there with a chance on Sunday.

Q.  Lastly, how are the conditions so far?  Here on the islands we have something unique called vog.  Is that affecting you at all?
TIM CLARK:  No, I haven't seen too much vog.  I said vog after a bad shot the other day, but no, the vog is not affecting me.

Q.  Were the winds a little bit different today compared to yesterday?
TIM CLARK:  I think it was.  To be honest, I don't really know.  I couldn't tell you.  I'm just out there seeing what it's doing on each shot, but I don't know if it was different or not.

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