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January 16, 2015

Russell Knox


Q.  Did the golf course change much overnight?
RUSSELL KNOX:  I think there was just no wind this morning, so it was slightly soft conditions, so it was point and shoot.

Q.  What about the smoothness of the greens?
RUSSELL KNOX:  The greens are great.  They've always been great here, so if you hit a good putt it holds its line, and if you miss it a little bit, then it breaks all right.

Q.  A wonderful eagle attempt on your last hole, just a little bit off to the right.
RUSSELL KNOX:¬† Yeah, I'll never complain with a birdie on a par‑5, but it was a nice chance.¬† I hit a good putt, I just misread it a little bit.

Q.  You must like the golf course.  Did you see the lines on the greens really well here?
RUSSELL KNOX:  Well, I've never made the cut here, so this is a huge achievement for me.  I've progressed nicely.  But no, I love it here.  On paper it should fit my game nicely, and last three years it's not, so I've just stayed positive.

Q.  Any changes this year, because I think your game fits this golf course.
RUSSELL KNOX:  I've just actually played pretty good the last three years, I've just had a couple horrible moments that cost me, but just kept doing the same thing this year and made a few putts.

Q.¬† In the house early in the day at 9‑under par.¬† What are your plans for the rest of the afternoon?
RUSSELL KNOX:  Eat, beach, rest.

Q.  Sounds like a plan.
RUSSELL KNOX:  Thank you.

Q.  Tell us about your second round.  How did it go?
RUSSELL KNOX:  It was very good.  I had no bogeys, which is always a huge goal of mine, and I drove the ball very well.  Iron play was decent, and I made some putts.

Q.  What was the biggest difference from yesterday, the first round?
RUSSELL KNOX:  Not much.  It was only one shot different.  I played nice yesterday.  No bogeys today was nice.  I wasn't really in trouble at all.  Kept it in play off the tee, hit the middle of the green, and putted well, so I'm pleased.

Q.  ShotLink showed you hitting it 324 yards on the 9th hole.
RUSSELL KNOX:¬† Well, it's all my working out I've been doing and sitting on the couch, arm curling the remote control.¬† No, I made a little driver‑shaft change in the off‑season, and maybe it's picked up a little bit of pop, but it helps when the fairways are rolling like a runway.

Q.  How far did you have for your second?
RUSSELL KNOX:¬† I had 181, hit 7‑iron.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
RUSSELL KNOX:  Yeah, super, yeah.  You always want to be as high as you can.  I won't be first by the end of the day more than likely, but it doesn't matter how you're sitting after two rounds, it's how you do after four.  I know I've got a long way to go, and I could play great or play horrible, and just got to try my best.

Q.  Did you make any adjustment in how you approached the course this year?
RUSSELL KNOX:  I told my wife if we missed the cut I was probably never coming back.  It was great that I made the cut because I love this course.  I love the people here and the weather, of course.  I'm glad I played well, and hopefully I can continue.

Q.  You're joking, right?

Q.  You told her that?
RUSSELL KNOX:  Yeah.  I mean, the goal is to have two weeks in Hawai'i next year, as everyone that's playing this week.

Q.  It would be easy to look at a course like this and look at your game and say, oh, this really fits you, but you wouldn't look at PGA National and say this course fits you and you were in a playoff last year.
RUSSELL KNOX:¬† Yeah, I top‑tenned at Torrey Pines last year.¬† No, we're all good enough to play good on any course out here, and like you said, I have gained a little bit of distance.¬† The slightly longer courses‑‑ I actually think that some of the longer courses benefit me if there's rough because I hit it straight, so even if I have a slightly longer club coming in, it doesn't matter because it's to my advantage because I'm used to it.¬† But no, I don't think I'm short anymore, so that's one of the reasons why I think I've improved.

Q.  Did you ever think you were short?
RUSSELL KNOX:¬† Yeah.¬† Yeah.¬† When I first came out‑‑ I just don't think I swung at it hard enough.¬† I was scared to swing it.¬† Now that I've been out here a few years now and you play with guys that just stand up and give it a good rip, you go, well, if I don't do that, I've got no chance to beat that guy.¬† So that's really straightened me up a little.

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