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January 16, 2015

James Morrison


Q.  Your thoughts on 5‑under today, 9‑under; all told, that's lovely golf.
JAMES MORRISON:  Yeah, very, very pleased.  Coming here with some sort of form after last week, but my Abu Dhabi record isn't exactly sparkling.  So it's nice to make the cut, really.

Q.  YOU mentioned last week.  Does it help that you have that under your belt?
JAMES MORRISON:  Massively.  Normally you come here after four, five, six, seven weeks off, cold; and it's not the easiest golf course to come here cold.  So last week was brilliant, went down and played.  It was a great course and a great week, and kind of set me up for the week this week.

Q.  Given what you faced at Glendower in Joburg, that was a tough old track.  This was, I hesitate to say it's easy but in terms of the rough it's approachable.
JAMES MORRISON:  We played on Tuesday, and it was a sigh of relief, really, because last week if you hit it in the rough, you could barely hit it 30 yards.  But here, you can advance it toward the green.  The course is always in great shape here.  It's always a great week, great fans, and it's a pleasure to come play.

Q.  Which makes it all the more galling if results have not been kind down the years.
JAMES MORRISON:  Exactly, a lot of it is my game has not been ready to play here over the years.  This is my sixth year on Tour and every year I'm getting longer and longer.  I feel like I'm ready to play here now and the scores are kind of showing.

Q.  Customary question at this time of year:  Do you set targets, aims, resolutions?
JAMES MORRISON:  No, I don't.  Used to but just take it every day as it comes, and if I can do the best I can every single day, then I'm happy.

Q.  What made you change?
JAMES MORRISON:  Bad golf.  One of those where you end up, keep chasing your tail a little bit.  You watch all the top players, and they are the best players for the same reason:  Because they are the best at everything they do.  I'm trying to do that, and fingers crossed, I can keep doing it.

Q.  Sounds like it's a slightly less pressured routine and more relaxed in each event.
JAMES MORRISON:  Oh, I mean, you walk off feeling drained having ‑‑ being on top of yourself the whole way around.  When you just take it easy and just play your game, and no matter what happens, happens, you walk off actually being a happier person, as opposed to beating yourself up for 5 1/2 hours.

Q.  Any mantra for the weekend?
JAMES MORRISON:  Yeah, definitely.  Just keep going, keep playing, and my game is it in great shape.  It's one of those where I need to just be patient and get luck of the draw, not luck of the draw, so just do my best and see what happens.

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