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January 15, 2015

Jimmy Walker


Q.  4‑under par.  Are you happy?
JIMMY WALKER:  Yeah, 4‑under today was good.  I made some good putts, hit some good shots, and played pretty well, so I was happy.  I was looking forward to today.

Q.  The weather is in kind of a funny mode right now, not much wind, kind of coming from the south, scores low.  What do you think is going to be necessary to get it done here by Sunday?
JIMMY WALKER:  I think it's just a continuation of making birdies.  If the wind stays like this, yeah, you're going to have to go out and shoot some low numbers.  It always kind of seems like that here.  Even when the winds kind of pick up, guys tend to find a way to make birdies here.  I guess that's what we've got to do, make birdies.

Q.  I know they were giving you a hard time about golf courses yesterday and getting out and playing certain ones.  You guys get to play pretty much where you want.  Do you have any bucket list type courses that you just never got around to getting to?
JIMMY WALKER:  You know, I've actually turned Pine Valley down a couple of times.  They've had some pro‑member stuff there, and just for whatever reason, we're in that area and the playoff stuff is going on, and I've just never been able to‑‑ it's always on like a Monday, and that's family day for us, and moving and changing spots, and I hate to ditch them on kind of a day off.  So that would be one.  I hear it's pretty awesome.
Today was good.  I started out with a three‑putt and then got it right back on the next hole, and that kind of settled me back down a little bit, and made some good putts on the front nine.  I had some good looks, hit some really good shots, and just couldn't kind of get one to go there at the end and didn't hit a very good shot into 17, but nice finish with a birdie on 18.

Q.  You had a lot of putts that were right over the edge today.
JIMMY WALKER:  They were.  I hit a lot of good putts that didn't go in, but that's good.  You guys see that, you shoot 4‑under, and you think, wow, it could have been a lot more, so that means there's a lot out there left, and we'll go get it the next three days.

Q.  How hard is it to stay patient?  You know it's out there, but it didn't seem like anybody was really going nuts in the afternoon.
JIMMY WALKER:  No, there was a little wind you had to contend with.  Not a lot like you're used to here, but it just makes you a little where you're cautious on some shots, and if you're not hitting the fairways, it's tough to feed it into some of these pins.  Kind of like there at the end I was kind of bummed on 17, that shot.  But all in all (inaudible).

Q.  We did the interview on Wednesday about a little disappointed from last week.  You said food started tasting a little better on Tuesday night.  How about last night?
JIMMY WALKER:  We ate good last night.  We ate at the Italian restaurant here at the hotel.  It was good.  We had a good night, and ready to go today.

Q.  You just need to try to stay out of your own way, really, huh?
JIMMY WALKER:  It seems like that's the way it is all the time, especially when things are going well.  Just getting out of your way is key.  Just let it happen.

Q.  Fun greens in the morning.  They're going to be fresh for you.
JIMMY WALKER:  It's going to be nice.  I'm looking forward to it.

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