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January 15, 2015

Robert Streb


Q.  Robert, round of the afternoon so far.  That eagle at the 9th really got you going.
ROBERT STREB:  Yeah, I was kind of going back and forth there for a few holes, and then birdied 8, eagled 9, and got a nice little break on the tee ball on 10, and I was off and running.

Q.¬† You took advantage of the break, which is really good.¬† Tell me about those six straight one‑putt greens you had.
ROBERT STREB:  I don't know.

Q.  Starting at the 8th.
ROBERT STREB:  They weren't too far there.  About 10, 12 feet, seeing them well.  Hideki gave me a nice read on 8 there, and yeah, they started pouring in.

Q.  Did you get a bad lie on the fairway at 18, couldn't advance it all that far, and a really nice shot in with your third?
ROBERT STREB:  It wasn't a great lie, but it was a pretty bad swing, so got away with it.  Yeah, made 4, just what I was trying to do.

Q.  You'll have those fresh greens in the morning, as well.  You've got to be really looking forward to that?
ROBERT STREB:  That's always a plus.  Those greens in the morning are always really good.

Q.¬† We mentioned during the broadcast that we had several first‑time winners on TOUR during the course of 2014.¬† Some players' games plateaued after winning.¬† Your really took off.¬† Why do you think that is?
ROBERT STREB:  Just try not to get complacent and keep going, see how long I can keep it going.  But just want to keep trending upward as long as I can.

Q.  We've been talking to you a lot lately.  More of the same today?
ROBERT STREB:  Yeah, keep it that way, okay?  It's been good.  Just kind of going back and forth with birdies and bogeys and then got on a nice run there from 8 through 12.  Before you know it, I'm up toward the top.

Q.  What kind of golf courses do you prefer, if any, if that makes sense?
ROBERT STREB:  I guess generally the ones that have a little more space off the tee.  This one all the holes kind of go right to left, which is good for me.  Courses that have a lot of left to right I don't generally prefer.  Usually if I can get a little space off the tee, I can see them a little better.

Q.  The reason I ask is McGladrey, Kapalua, here, all wildly different courses.
ROBERT STREB:  Yeah, I guess if you're playing good, you're playing good.

Q.  Well, that's what I'm getting at.
ROBERT STREB:  Yeah, I guess if you're playing well, everything is okay.  Generally hitting it where you want to, which helps.  When you're playing good, yeah.  If I'm not playing good, then right to left, and a little more space.

Q.¬† What did you hit on (inaudible), 6‑iron?
ROBERT STREB:  I was just hoping to get close.  Going in is always a huge bonus, but I was just hoping to have the right distance.

Q.  What's been the best part of your game over this stretch, or most improved part of the game?
ROBERT STREB:  That's a good question.  I guess my misses have been pretty good.  I feel like I'm putting pretty good, which is always a plus.

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