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January 15, 2015

Tim Clark


Q.  Tim, nice start.  If we can get some comments on your round.
TIM CLARK:¬† Yeah, good.¬† I hit the ball great last week, so I was looking forward to coming here this week, and I hit the ball good today.¬† I do feel like I left a few shots out there, didn't birdie the par‑5s, being able to reach, but obviously the game is very solid.

Q.  Seems like this is a course where as long as you're healthy, it really kind of fits you.  Is that how you feel?
TIM CLARK:  Yeah, obviously there's a premium here on hitting it straight.  I hit a lot of drivers around this course, and like I said, hitting like how I am again this week, I have a lot of birdie opportunities, so it really is a course that I enjoy.

Q.  There weren't too many low numbers in the afternoon.
TIM CLARK:  Yeah, there was some wind, but we've had a lot worse.  I'm sure the morning was pretty calm, maybe a little bit easier for the guys.  But I gave myself a lot of chances.  Obviously happy I'm playing tomorrow morning and I can post one of those low numbers like the guys did today.

Q.¬† Two years ago you came really close and last year you had the injury.¬† How are you feeling health‑wise right now?
TIM CLARK:  Yeah, I feel pretty good.  I feel pretty good.  There's good and bad weeks, but right now I'm feeling really good.  I'm certainly excited about this week.

Q.  Any birdie that stands out today?
TIM CLARK:¬† I just made some‑‑ like I say, I didn't birdie the par‑5s.¬† I birdied quite a few of the par‑4s.¬† A lot of good tee shots to put me in position, a lot of solid iron shots.¬† Birdieing a hole like 16 is not an easy hole.¬† You can make bogey there pretty quick.¬† So that's probably one place I picked up a shot.

Q.  Was it 5 or 6, a pretty good lengthy putt?
TIM CLARK:¬† 6, yeah.¬† But unfortunately like on 2, I missed about a three‑footer, so that's one of those things.¬† You miss a short one and you make a long one.

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