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January 15, 2015

Jason Day


JASON DAY:  I had three lip‑outs on the way in, but yeah, it was good.  I gave myself some opportunities out there again, and definitely coming off the form from last week, and I'm definitely confident in the way I'm playing right now.

Q.  How hard is it playing out of this rough here?
JASON DAY:  Well, that's the thing.  Like it's hard to gauge if it's going to be a flier or not.  Some of them are coming out really heavy.  The majority of the time it's coming out really heavy.  When you're just in the rough, because I only was a foot off the fairway there, so you're getting these half fliers that it's hard to calculate.  I didn't mind going in that front bunker there.  Obviously I feel like it's one of the easier bunker shots out here to that pin.
It's hard to gauge, but you know, luckily today I had some decent lies in the rough.  When I'm in the rough, I'm not really trying to go for the pins.  Their greens are pretty small here, so I'm just trying to get it on the greens somewhere and just putt out.

Q.  Where were the lip‑outs?
JASON DAY:  The lip‑out was on 6 from about 15 feet, high side, and then on 7 from about 25 feet, and then from like eight feet on the 8th, lipped out.

Q.  Makes you feel good?
JASON DAY:  Yeah, it was good.  I didn't make it easy on myself getting that bunker shot there.  I said it was easy, but it wasn't that easy.

Q.  A round like Monday, what does that do for you specifically?  Were you thinking about anything out there today?
JASON DAY:  No, you know what, I'm just‑‑ like I said, I've got a lot of confidence in my game right now, so I'm just trying to bring it into this week.  I played wonderful out there today.  I think I hit about 14 greens, missed a few with a couple wedges, but other than that, I feel really good about where everything is.  I spoke yesterday, too, about how I feel about the game and how hard I've worked in the off‑season to get to this point.  Early in the year, feeling good.

Q.  How were conditions out there for you?
JASON DAY:  Yeah, we got a different wind for the first two days this week, and I think the normal winds are going to come back on Saturday and Sunday, so that should bring some wind, cool it down a little bit.  It's different because normally when we're playing that kind of northeast wind, you get so used to it.  I want to say‑‑ I wouldn't say it's going to shock the guys on the weekend, but it's just a different wind that you're going to play on the weekend.  The conditions are great.  The course is running nice and firm.  As usual, the fairways are tough to hit here, and the greens are nice.

Q.  Did you guys chat a little Presidents Cup with K.J.?
JASON DAY:  Yeah, a little bit, a little bit.  Talked about the course a little bit.  It's obviously a Jack Nicklaus course, so you kind of know the driving is more forgiving off the tee, longer, a little tricky around the greens.  But he said that we're going to be all set up, ready to go.  What else did we talk about?  Just trying to think right now.  I've got a little distraction down here.  He said that there's going to be a lot of support over there, obviously him as one of the captains, there's going to be a lot of support for our team, which is great.  I think everyone is going to be excited to see the Americans come over and play, but with K.J. as one of the captains, definitely we've got the favor there.

Q.  Does it favor any type of player did he say?
JASON DAY:  No, no.  Without looking at the course and with how little we talked out there‑‑

Q.  Didn't quite get that deep?
JASON DAY:  Didn't get quite that deep, no.

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