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January 14, 2015

Karolina Pliskova


K. PLISKOVA/C. Suarez Navarro
4‑6,6‑4, 6‑0

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Congratulations on your win.テつ Quite tough out there.
KAROLINA PLISKOVA:テつ Thank you.テつ Yes, it was, but the third set it went quite easy, so good for me.テつ (Smiling.)
Q.Last year you've been winning a lot of matches, but in smaller tournaments.テつ This year you start with bang at a Sydney Premier.テつ How do you feel?
KAROLINA PLISKOVA:テつ Yes, that's good.テつ I won few matches last year on also WTA, but small ones.テつ This year I started already in Brisbane.テつ I had a good win against Azarenka.テつ Then tough draw.テつ I lost to Alla Kudryavtseva.
This week I'm playing really well, so I think I can go even more far here.

Q.テつ What made you decide to play Sydney this year instead of Auckland?
KAROLINA PLISKOVA:テつ Well, we have I think Hobart this week.テつ We don't have Auckland.テつ It was the week before.
But, yeah, I never played Hobart.テつ They said there is a lot of wind, so I prefer to be here.テつ It's closer to Melbourne and the conditions are similar.

Q.テつ It was quite windy today.
KAROLINA PLISKOVA:テつ Yeah, it was.テつ It was.テつ But in Hobart they say is even more.

Q.テつ You had a big win last week in front of a big crowd against Azarenka.テつ How did you keep your composure in that final set?

Q.テつ Vika.
KAROLINA PLISKOVA:テつ Well, she started to play the first set really well; I was down 5‑1, and then I came back into the match.テつ I think I was better from the second set.
It was really great atmosphere there.テつ I like to play on center courts in front of the people, so...

Q.テつ You've had three 6‑Love sets in the last two matches.
KAROLINA PLISKOVA:テつ I know.テつ I don't understand how, because I think I never won 6‑0 last year ever, like in none of the match.
So I just don't understand.テつ Yesterday 6‑0, 6‑0, which didn't happen ever to me before; then doubles also 6‑0; today also 6‑0.テつ I don't know why.

Q.テつ Would you say you're feeling very confident?
KAROLINA PLISKOVA:テつ Well, yes, probably.テつ Probably it's also the confident, but I'm feeling good on the court.テつ I think I'm playing well, good serving, so...

Q.テつ You've played Garbine and Angelique recently.テつ Who would you rather play?
KAROLINA PLISKOVA:テつ Well, I have to say Kerber.テつ I played her already like three times, I think.テつ I won the last match actually what we played.
I think she has a better game for me.テつ She's notlike ‑‑ well, Garbine, she's playing really fast and she has a similar game to me, good serving, so that would be really tough.
Even especially on this surface.テつ It's quite fast so I would prefer Angelique, but we will see.

Q.テつ You'll almost be top 20 very soon.テつ Why has that happened?
KAROLINA PLISKOVA:テつ I don't know.

Q.テつ Which is a good one to get past.
KAROLINA PLISKOVA:テつ Yeah, like you said, I'm winning quite all of the tough matches, all of the third‑set matches.
That's probably the big improvement.テつ I improved my serve, my movement, so that's probably the thing why I'm going a little bit more up.

Q.テつ You feel like physically you've gotten stronger over the past year or two?
KAROLINA PLISKOVA:テつ Yes.テつ I had good preparation, but I also had good last year.テつ In the end I won two titles, so maybe that's why it's getting better.

Q.テつ So what did you do during the off‑season to improve?
KAROLINA PLISKOVA:テつ I was staying home in Prague.テつ We didn't goanywhere.テつ We wanted to go to States, but I prefer to stay home for a few weeks.
Yeah, I was practicing quite hard, like four or five practices in a day.テつ Then I have some club matches which help me to play some matches before to go here.

Q.テつ How do you rate your chances in Melbourne?
KAROLINA PLISKOVA:テつ Well, that's going to be the first time what I will be seeded on a Grand Slam, which is for sure good because I cannot get anyone from the top 32.
So, well, I did first time in my life in US Open third round.テつ So, well, I'm defending just one round here, so I would love fog as far as I can.

Q.テつ Is there any reason why you're so much better than your sister?
KAROLINA PLISKOVA:テつ No, I don't think so.テつ She's good also, but she just needs more time probably.

Q.テつ Which of the four Grand Slams would you most like to win?
KAROLINA PLISKOVA:テつ Well, I don't care which one, I just want one.テつ No, but I have good memories here in Australia actually because I won the juniors in Melbourne.テつ So I always love to come back here.テつ It was my favorite Grand Slam, so maybe this one.
But in these conditions I think it's going to tough, so maybe grass will be more easier.テつ (Smiling.)

Q.テつ So maybe you could play Kvitova who you obviously know very well.

Q.テつ If you reach the finals.テつ How would that go?
KAROLINA PLISKOVA:テつ I still need to win the semifinals.テつ I don't know if she's losing against Jarka, so we will see how this one goes.
But I played her once.テつ It was really close match.テつ I had couple practices with her.テつ She's playing really good, and I think improved a lot as well.
As I said, it's still far.

Q.テつ Czech tennis has an amazing tradition.テつ How proud are you to be part of that?
KAROLINA PLISKOVA:テつ Well, I was in the nomination for first time in my life on Fed Cup on the finals, which was really good.テつ This year I think I will play.テつ Probably I will go to Canada.テつ It's not for sure yet.テつ I will play for my country.テつ We will see how this one goes.

Q.テつ You have a number of tattoos.テつ Can you explain what any of them mean?
KAROLINA PLISKOVA:テつ What does it mean?

Q.テつ Do they mean anything specific?
KAROLINA PLISKOVA:テつ No, nothing.テつ (Laughing.)

Q.テつ Just wanted to get them?
KAROLINA PLISKOVA:テつ Well, yes.テつ Our father got it as well.テつ He has the same ones.テつ We always wanted to have some.テつ Krystina, she has one.テつ I have two, on my arm and my leg.
Yeah, that's why he with did it.テつ It's a Polynesian style coming from New Zealand, but it doesn't really have any meaning.

Q.テつ I know you played up in Fed Cup in the final, so who do you think will be there?テつ You?テつ Lucie might play?テつ Your sister?
KAROLINA PLISKOVA:テつ Well, we have a lot of players, so there is still ‑‑ like the captain, the main coach is here and he is like watching the players.テつ So I think he's going to decide after Australia which nomination he's going to do.
Because like Zahlavova Strycova, she's playing also very good.テつ I don't know my sister going to be there.テつ I don't know if Petra or Lucie, they are going yet.テつ It's not for sure yet.
We have still like young players, Siniakovテδ。.テつ We have doubles players, Lucie Hradeckテδ。 and Hlavackova.テつ So we have good choices.

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